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IT Specialist Advisory Services

The IT Specialist Advisory Services is a unique service providing IT support for SMB, enterprise and government organizations. The service is comprised of several programs or tracks all designed to help organizations assess, design, guide and deploy information systems that align with overall organizational objectives. It also includes powerful tools and training to help IT line managers master their IT domain from both a human and technical perspective. We're with you every step of the way.

We Partner Closely with Your IT Team to Obtain Positive Outcomes

Research + Tools + Guidance + Coaching = Success
The formula for success in any organization is typically composed of a series of logical steps leading to a positive outcome. No single approach ever works, nor does simply winging it or using seat of the pants intuition. Careful analysis, planning and implementation is the hallmark of a succesful rollout along with continued monitoring and testing.

Certified IT Specialists survey your existing IT environment and produce a highly detailed report that enables you properly align your information technology plans with those of your business or organization.

Utilize our Certified IT Specialists to help you deploy any size IT project using best practices derived from thousands of successful IT rollouts. Workshops are available both onsite and virtual to help your organization every step of the way.

Policy Management
Manage all of your IT policies in centralized online app that conveniently stores each and every information technology policy implemented at your business or organization. Moreover, pick from over 150 predefined templates where there is no need to start from scratch, as well as automate the collection of signatures.

Attend specialized 3-day strategy-based events providing hands-on experience with planning, optimizing and deploying information technology rollouts. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with management level peers with similar backgrounds and information technology needs.

Leadership training for director and c-level managers in information technology that focuses on mindset, talent development, diversity and inclusion as well self-branding and board level communications. 

Access to a wide variety of online research and management tools to help foster your career as a successful information technology specialist, manager, director and c-level executive.

Complimentary Content and Social Media Marketing

All IT Specialist Advisory Service clients are entitled to free content and social media marketing services provided by IT Specialist Network. With over 500,000 IT professionals and growing, the IT Specialist Network offers clients a wide array of choices in the promotion of their products and services in a far more sophisticated and less obtrusive manner than traditional disruptive display advertising. 

Complimentary* IT Specialist.com based promotional services include the following:

Learn more about IT Specialist Advisor Services or have one our IT Specialist Advisors contact you.

* Complimentary services available with IT Specialist Network and affiliates paid consulting products and services only

Additional Services

Companies, organizations and individuals interested in having their webinars on hosted on IT Specialist.com and promoted throughout our the IT Specialist Network can contact us. We offer webinar hosting and promotion package deals that are competitive and effective.
IT Specialist offers full event registration and promotion services for technically oriented companies, organizations and individuals. If you're a non-profit or booster organization looking to promote one of your tech events on our network, please contact us.
IT Specialist also provides comprehensive content and social media marketing services for information technology related organizations. Please feel free to contact us.

Join Our Advisory Services Team

If you are an experienced, skilled and a knowledgeable IT professional that is willing to share your expertise and help others in the process, the IT Specialist Advisory Services may be for you. To learn more about this exciting new opportunity click here.

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