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Ransomware is one of the most impactful type of cyberattacks that can happen to an organization. Never before has an attack of this kind been as disruptive to its victims nor garner as much profit for its attackers in the history of computing. The combination of effectiveness and profitability has ultimately led to staggering ransomware rates costing organizations billions of dollars.

The most frustrating aspect of ransomware for security experts and those embedded in an organization to help protect it, is how to prepare for such an attack. Many IT professionals take the age-old attitude that it can't happen to us, we're just too small or off the radar of hackers. Here are some examples:

  • It’s just malware.
    Ransomware, although unique in its end goal, is still malware and can be prepared for accordingly. 

  • You will have to pay, but you should choose who you pay.
    Whether you pay to modernize your security controls, for cyberinsurance, or for an MSSP, you want to avoid paying the attacker.

  • You can't prevent ransomware, but you can respond better.
    Mitigate the impact of ransomware with a security incident response plan that includes disaster recovery.

Until organizations put the time and funds into security and resiliency best practices, ransomware proliferation will continue. Taking a proactive stance on potential ransomware attacks or being aware of the business and financial impact of cyberattacks means you can make informed decision in how to respond.

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