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As many tech startup founders know, two of the hardest things involved in launching your new venture are raising capital and finding cofounders. Luckily, there is now a one-stop-shop that entrepreneurs can now go to. CoFoundersLab, a startup that connects entrepreneurs together as cofounders for new ventures, has just announced plans to merge with crowdfunding website RockthePost.  For more background on both of these companies, we actually interviewed both CoFoundersLab and RockthePost – if you’re involved in an early stage startup in any fashion, you should definitely check out these profiles.

The newly merged startup will be called Onevest. “Whenever we asked our community over the last few years what else they needed help with, the most common response was access to capital,” said CoFoundersLab Shahab Kaviani. “We recognized that in order to truly accelerate innovation we must help democratize access to capital and bring it within reach of talented founders everywhere, not only in startup hubs like San Francisco & NYC. For founders, Onevest means you can now join a single community to build your core founding team and access capital,” Kaviani added.

At this point, CoFoundersLab and RockthePost will keep their own names under the Onevest umbrella, which makes sense as both of them have developed rather distinct brand profiles. RockthePost was founded in 2010 by Alejandro Cremades and Tanya Prive, and going forward Cremades will be the CEO of Onevest while Prive the COO. CoFoundersLab meanwhile was started by Kaviani in 2011 and he will remain on as Onevest’s CMO.

The idea of combining both cofounder connections and access to capital under one roof is an interesting concept, and Onevest will definitely be an interesting startup to watch going forward.

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