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One of the big misconceptions in the tech industry is that everything of importance related to startups is centered in Silicon Valley. While Silicon Valley is no doubt the most important tech cluster in the US, it is not the only one. One other area that is rapidly making its mark in the startup scene is Washington, DC. While many still associate DC with being a government town, it is far more than that.

One very interesting interesting organization that is doing an excellent job leveraging the tech startup talent in Washington, DC is the accelerator 1776. 1776's Campus is a physical space located in downtown DC blocks from the White House. 1776's campus has 33,000 square feet which functions as a co-working space, an events venue, and the hub of a global community, all in one.

On July 3rd, 1776 received an interesting guest - President Obama - who came to tout the recent jobs report, which he described (not surprisingly) as evidence that “America is moving forward". Obama's event highlights what the administration has described as a focus on small businesses. Whatever your politics, if you are involved in the tech startups scene, its a good thing to see the President of the United States visit a major tech accelerator like 1776. 1776 is growing like crazy, and we'll definitely be posting updates on their progress.

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