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Breached Password Test

Created by KnowBe4, the world's leader in security awareness training, Breached Password Test checks the Web for instances of existing passwords involving your domain(s) that were previously breached in massive data hacks around the globe. Learn more about this free test tool below.

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Most technical professionals are aware of the dark web and how it contains millions of pilfered credentials, particularly user passwords. However, what they may not be aware of is the fact that many of those stolen passwords are most likely being used on their own networks.

The problem arises from a combination of password overuse by users and breached data residing on the dark web. A single instance of a breach can expose a multitude of organizations instantly. So why not perform a simple, but powerful password check in minutes to see if your organization is vulnerable.

Download KnowBe4's Breached Password Test here:

KnowBe4’s free Breached Password Test (BPT) checks to see if your users are currently using passwords that are in publicly available breaches associated with your domain. BPT checks against your Active Directory and reports compromised passwords in use right now so that you can take action immediately.

KnowBe4 is the world's largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. They help tens of thousands of organizations to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. Their mission: Train your employees to make smarter security decisions.

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