Mailserver Security Assessment

IT would like to highlight a powerful IT security tool for assessing the proper configuration of your email servers that's no cost and simple to use. Like it or not, mailserver security testing is a major CYA function that every network administrator and help desk professional should perform to help stay out of trouble and remain the IT hero of their organization.

Personally, why torment yourself by second guessing whether or not your existing mailservers or MSAs are properly configured, then manually testing and retesting using a painful trial by error methodology. This powerful tool from KnowBe4 saves you time and energy by checking it all for you.

Learn more about KnowBe4's  Mailserver Security Assessment tool here:

KnowBe4 is the world's largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. We help tens of thousands of organizations to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. Our mission: Train your employees to make smarter security decisions.

NOTE: We need a valid email address from the domain of your own organization, so Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or any other ISP are not accepted.

What type of reports will I get after running this specialized  web search?

Your Domain Doppelgänger Reports

KnowBe4 will email you a summary report PDF that contains an overview of the look-alike domains and associated risk levels discovered during the analysis. You will also receive a link to the full detailed report of all look-alike domains found similar to your primary email domain.