USB Security Test

plug in USBs...

Find out now what your user’s reactions are to unknown USBs, with KnowBe4's new Free USB Security Test.

You can download our special, "beaconized" file onto any USB drive. Then label the drive with something enticing and drop the drive at an on-site high traffic area. If an employee picks it up, plugs it in their workstation and opens the file, it will "call home" and report the "fail" to your KnowBe4 console. And for Office documents, if the user also enables macros (!), additional data is tracked and geomapped.


How your free 7-day USB Security Test works:

checkmark Fill out the form on the right, and immediately...

checkmark Download "beaconized" Word, Excel or PDF files

checkmark Copy to any USB Drive, label and drop it

checkmark Reports on opens and if macros were enabled

checkmark Takes just a few minutes to setup

This is fun. Get your USB Security Test now!

Download your free USB Security Test here:


Why Isn't My USB Drive Test Recording Macros Being Enabled?

If your USB drive test records “Opens”, but not “Macros Enabled”, please check the WebClient service properties on your machine.

WebClient is the Windows service that the Macros use to connect to the KnowBe4 servers to record if the Macro has been enabled. If you see within your WebClient Properties that the Startup type of that service is Disabled, then the Macros will not be recorded when they are run.

To resolve this, you can set the Startup type for the WebClient service to Manual. You can also use Group Policy to set the Startup type for that service to Manual, for all the computers in your environment.