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Will Jeansonne
Will Jeansonne

Will Jeansonne's Blog


Love it or leave it, you’ve probably have heard the news that the next version of Windows is due to be announced this Thursday at Microsoft via live streaming (see link below). However, you don’t have to wait to see the next version in action due to a leak ...


All politics aside, America woke up to the news early in the New Year that an emerging social network was pulled from the Web with little or no warning, leaving the social network without access to its platform, including its members. The surprisingly whimsical move by one of the ...


After a year of quiet planning and platform redesign, IT Specialist Network (ITSN) is expanding into the field of IT consulting. The company’s main focus or specialty will be providing IT advisory services to a variety of businesses and organizations in need of help with IT projects that they can’t get a ...

In an effort to combat spammers on its venerable business social networking site, LinkedIn has now implemented a type of probation on members that are blocked and deleted by group managers. Akin to the concept of Double Secret Probation in the movie Animal House, offending members or perceived spammer ...

Ever since the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft has decidedly received mixed reviews with respect to its new user interface for Windows. Formerly known as “Metro” and now tentatively called “Modern UI”, the new GUI is not ideally suited for professionals (and consumers) who are currently using the roughly 800,000+ Windows 7 ...

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