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In an earlier post, I profiled document security technology firm docTrackr. docTrackr is a startup out of Boston that provides enterprises with the ability to track all of their e-mail attachments once they have left the corporate firewall. The company's technology allow company employees to track who has opened their documents; when they were opened; and what they was read. docTrackr also allows senders to control the permissions of who is able to open and read a document they send out as an attachment, and even to destroy a document remotely if the sender believes there is a security threat.

Now, in yet another cybersecurity startup acquisition, enterprise software firm Intralinks, a global SaaS provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. In their press release announcing the transaction, Intralinks stated:

"The acquisition of docTrackr reflects Intralinks' commitment to supporting the most demanding use-cases with the industry's strongest security and data privacy. docTrackr's innovative technologies protect and track PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, no matter where those documents are stored, shared or used."

Two things about this transaction jumped out at me. First, $10 million to acquire a startup for what seems to be an interesting and valuable technology seems like an awfully low price to pay. I don't know what docTrackr's revenue run rate was, but even if it was not high their technology alone seems like it would have fetched a good bit more than $10 million. Down the road, I suspect it will be clear that Intralinks got a steal with this one.

Second, docTrackr had a well established partnership with Box. In February 2013, Box and DocTrackr announced an integration with Box’s file sharing and collaboration software that let users of Box to encrypt documents and control their usage, including the ability to restrict printing, forwarding and editing as well as destroying documents remotely. From what I've read, Intralinks stole docTrackr from under Box's nose. This means that Box will likely need to develop their own document security solution and/or look to acquire a similar startup of their own.

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