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As Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others continue to battle it out for cloud dominance, each company is looking to gain every advantage they can. This is especially true for Microsoft and Google, as AWS already has such a dominant position in cloud computing that the onus is on others to catch up with it.

One way Google and Microsoft have sought to gain ground on Amazon is by purchasing innovative startups that can add value to their offering. Microsoft, for example, recently bought Washington, DC startup Apiphany for their Azure cloud product, while Google purchased Talaria to add to its cloud platform.

Now, Google has struck again, buying cloud monitoring service startup Stackdriver for an undisclosed amount.  Stackdriver, which was founded in 2012, allows DevOps professionals to closely monitor their cloud applications, and see detailed analytics of how they are using their cloud. The Stackdriver monitoring platform detects host contention, cloud provider throttling, or degraded hardware, as well as identifying cloud optimization opportunities.

What is interesting about Stackdriver is that it was designed entirely around the Amazon Web Services platform, since AWS has long been the big elephant in the market. Google, presumably, purchased Stackdriver to integrate its monitoring capabilities with the Google Cloud Platform. The question, however, is whether it will continue to allow Stackdriver customers to use the product with AWS’ cloud, or whether the Google Cloud team will ultimately have Stackdriver’s monitoring service support only the Google cloud?

At any rate, Google is clearly taking its cloud product very seriously. A few weeks ago Google announced 30% price reductions in its cloud offering, as well as a greatly simplified pricing structure - see below from Techcrunch for details. Attention cloud startups – if you are looking to be acquired, Google is clearly on the prowl in this market.



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