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As I noted in a previous article, we are seeing a real burst in innovative technology coming out of B2B startups. From Cloud to Big Data to the BYOD challenge, there are a number of innovative startups that are coming to the market with new technology solutions for IT enterprise managers. This article will focus on four innovative new Cloud startups that any IT manager might be interested in learning about:

New Cloud Startup SkyHigh Networks Gives CIO’s Visibility Into Cloud Service Purchases by Employees Outside of IT

This is my pick for the most interesting startup of the week. I learned a new term from reading this article – evidently, there is something in enterprises called “Shadow IT”. Shadow IT refers to the trend of an enterprise’s business lines purchasing their own Cloud computing services completely outside of the IT Department.  I had not thought about it, but there are millions of employees sharing corporate information across a cloud-based storage and collaboration service such as Dropbox. In fact, Skyhigh notes that “Shadow IT” spending on cloud services across the enterprise can be up to 10x what the IT organization itself spends on Cloud computing. If you are interested in learning more about SkyHigh Networks, they are profiled here.

New Cloud startup UPCloud out of Finland (yes Finland) Launches Aggressive Push into the European and US Markets

Demonstrating that US startups do not have a monopoly on new technology and quality product marketing, UpCloud out of Finland is launching across Europe and will be entering the US as well. UpCloud’s  differentiator is that their focus on offering enterprise quality service at cheaper prices then Amazon. All of their cloud technology was developed internally, and UpCloud offers it’s enterprise customers a 100 percent Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a contractually guaranteed downtime compensation of 50x – at 50x, UpCloud must have a pretty high level of confidence in their enterprise-class offering!

Codenvy Allows Developers to “Code With Cloud”

In a sign of the continued spread of Cloud computing to numerous new areas and applications, Codenvy allows enterprise developers to “code, build and test” their software development in a secure private Cloud which sits behind the enterprise firewall.  Codenvy believes that the era of enterprise developers doing their coding solely on their own PC is nearing an end. Codenvy’s mission is to help enterprise development departments work more collaboratively by moving coding efforts to the enterprise cloud – essentially what I would call “collaborative development”.

Cloud Collaboration Software Development Company Bloomfire Raises $8 Million

C-Level Executives are increasingly demanding solutions that will better break down the silos between various company departments. Bloomfire allows IT Managers to meet this demand for better internal communication between employees by providing a Cloud-based service for sharing ideas in the form of such features as a Q&A forum, “expert identification”, and a learning management system that helps companies on-board new employees.

If you know of any other innovative cloud start-ups I may have missed, do let us know! In addition, here are some additional resources on enterprise technology startups:

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