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William JeansonneWindows Phone Lives on in Android

For a little less than a year now, I have been using a Samsung smartphone for both work and play. Having owned a Windows Phone for nearly a decade, and happily so I might add, I was forced to migrate to one of two platforms—Apple or Android.


William JeansonneIs Microsoft on the Verge of a Communications Revolution with Skype?

You wouldn’t know it if you looked at it, but Skype with the help of thousands of programmers at Microsoft may be on the cusp of transforming human communications as we know it.


William JeansonneMicrosoft's Trojan Play with Windows 10

Windows 10 on mobile may finally provide the platform for Microsoft to challenge the iPhone and Android market share as never before.


Matthew GoldbergWow, looks like the US Government is giving away control of the internet to the "global community" - what could go wrong there?!