Cybersecurity Services Focused on the Human Layer of Defense

The first line of Defense

Identify and prevent employee vulnerabilities before they cause a breach

Why employee security? With human error being linked to over 92% of data breaches, employees can't afford to uninformed. The costs add up quickly and some of it is intangible or unable to be immediately seen. So, how does it add up so quickly? 

  • Breach Coach
  • Forensics
  • Crisis Management
  • Notification
  • Call Center
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Public Relations

The best defense is a good offense. Reduce your risk of human error-induced data breach and save time, money and your organizational reputation.

Why Doesn't My Firewall and Spam Filter Provide Enough Protection?

48% of hackers and incident respondents spend 1-5 hours per week keeping up with security news, trends, and technologies. Technology is a way of keeping up with the changing threat landscape. According to the Ponemon Institute, organizations see on average a 64% improvement in phishing click rates after rolling out a security training program and a 37-fold ROI upon enrolling in a phishing program. Stop cyber-criminals at the forefront by stopping them in their tracks  with a strong layer of human defense.

Again, Why is My Organization at Risk?

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