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François Amigorena
François Amigorena's Article

The current situation has forced most companies to start working remotely. Hackers see this as the perfect opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. Every time a remote employee connects to the company network, it is an additional access point that can be exploited. Active Directory (AD) is the core identity and access ...


The reality is that, if you don’t have Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in place, and your employees fall for phishing scams or share passwords, well, your company is widely open to attacks. Compromised credentials represent one of the biggest security threat in today’s world. The reason is simple, compromised credentials ...


More and more companies are now using cloud storage. Using the cloud for your storage does affect the security of your data, but how? 61% of SMBs believe their data in unsafe in the cloud, why? And what can they do about it? SMBs are concerned about their data stored ...