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Sports fans undoubtedly have their favorite teams.  Sometimes we pick them based on the mascot, hometown, or because they were “my dad’s favorite growing up”. But just because you have a favorite team, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have respect for other franchises or organizations.  These are the teams that are often “drama-free”.  They have a formula that works, they stick with it and are in it for the long game. These organizations are a business, and at the helm of leadership within is often a respected individual that not only leads by example but also defines the trajectory of the business and the character of the people on the team.

When it comes to information technology management, and especially if you are in a leadership role, you are always a coach, and a team player all in one.  Leading by example takes on a new meaning. How you behave will define the characteristics of a team internally and to the outside world.  Businesses have lost revenue and partnerships based on negative behavior from one individual on a team.

So, how does this factor into cybersecurity?

This can affect your business two-fold.  As a team leader, if you don’t practice what you preach, how can you sell security services successfully to senior management, much less your team or staff?  It’s likely that you’ll struggle.  Senior management needs to know that you believe in what you’re proposing and understand the relevance of a strong cybersecurity posture when it comes to aligning IT with their business plans. Your technology team and the senior managers that you sell to should be fully on board.

And just like a sports team, one person on your team or staff can “lose the game”. We say it on repeat, but the truth is, all it takes is one misstep by an employee to cause a data breach. This is why ongoing training is so critical to stay on top of your game. Your staff of technical professionals or IT specialists should also participate in continuous security awareness training. Or else, you’ll set yourself, and the business, up for a major fall.

The opponent, or in this case cybercriminals, are always working on their game-winning strategy and so should every one of your team members when it comes to plans and preparation for fighting cybercrime.  When a breach occurs, the headline isn’t “John Smith clicked on a link and triggered a ransomware attack”, it is going to be something like “ABC Co. Exposed Their Clients Data…” and trust is lost in an instant.  And aside from the intangible assets and reputational damage, there will be financial repercussions that business can’t withstand. 

Cybersecurity is a game of chance, strategy, and skill all wrapped up in one.  But if you have solid players with an ongoing training program that is part of the game plan to upper management in business, the team will succeed.  

Get Your Complimentary Baseline Employee Security Assessment from IT Specialist! 

IT Specialist Cybersecurity Services now offers a free employee security assessment that provides you with a starting point to show you where your employees or team members currently stand when it comes to their cybersecurity knowledge. This assessment is delivered via a unique URL to employees, where they’ll answer a series of questions across six different categories to gauge their current cybersecurity awareness posture. Those categories include:

  1. General Cybersecurity Knowledge
  2. Phishing Awareness
  3. Password Hygiene
  4. Handling PII
  5. Social Media
  6. Working Remotely

After employees complete their assessment, their results are recorded along with the overall time taken to complete the assessment. Client management is then given a report that provides the average score across all employees who completed the assessment, as well as their individual scores. The report even breaks down each of the six categories to show management where their employees are struggling the most. 

IT Specialist Baseline Employee Security Assessment is non-intrusive, highly informative, and easy to understand.

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