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Hi, I wanted to share with you a funny story….

 My boss calls me into her office, very serious like.  She sits me down and asks “Did you use the company credit card without authorization?” I am very confused, although I have access, I would not order anything without asking.  I am the only IT person at our workplace, so given the item “ordered”, she came to me.  So I said “No….what is it that you have a receipt for?”  ….and she shows me this…I nearly busted out laughing, but thought better of it and explained that this was a phishing message designed to get you freaked out and click.  Thankfully she came to me without clicking it, so the training is working, but gosh, some of these really come back to me haha!


Name withheld to protect the innocent

This is the KnowBe4 Template that was sent to the end-user:

KnowBe4 has over 500 known-to-work simulated phishing templates you can send to end-users randomly at a random time. You never send the same test to the same user so employees cannot warn each other that a phishing test is underway.  

Since phishing has risen to the #1 malware infection vector, and attacks are getting through your filters too often, getting your users effective security awareness training which includes frequent simulated phishing attacks is a must

For instance, KnowBe4's integrated training and phishing platform allows you to send attachments with Word Docs with macros in them, so you can see which users open the attachments and then enable macros!

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