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Big news in the cloud cybersecurity world. Ciphercloud has just raised a major Series B round of $50 million dollars. Transamerica Ventures led the round, joined by Delta Partners, and existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and T-Venture, the venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom. This Series B is on top of a $30 million Series A also led by Andreessen Horowitz, meaning CipherCloud has now raised a total of $80 million since its 2010 founding.

CipherCloud’s solutions focus on providing cybersecurity in the cloud, and the company's cloud security platform contains the following components:

  • Cloud application discovery that provides aggregated reporting and dashboards of cloud applications including understanding employee usage and behavior, whether they are using enterprise approved cloud applications or not, and the level of risk of using them and most importantly putting data into them. 
  • Cloud data protection that delivers based on corporate policies, industry regulations, or country required compliance laws the maximum level of protection to all sensitive data through a combination of searchable strong encryption, tokenization and malware detection controls.
  • Cloud user monitoring that enables the tracking and identification of anomalies that help to reduce the source of risk from both of insider and external threats.

For those interested in learning more about CipherCloud, their technology is profiled in this previous piece Cloud Cybersecurity: If Your Data Is Unencrypted It's Vulnerable To Hacking. CipherCloud has been fortunate to ride the way of increasing concerns regarding the security of organizations' data in the cloud. First was the NSA revelations of the last year, which revealed a huge program of spying the super-secretive US Government Agency. One of the revelations to come out about the NSA's activity was the fact that the agency hacked the Google and Yahoo Cloud Networks in a program called MUSCULAR. In addition to the NSA, the recent hacks of numerous celebrities' personal clouds also revealed the real risk of storing sensitive data in the cloud.

Explaining why Andreessen Horowitz has made such a large commitment to CipherCloud, John M. Jack, a Partner at the VC firm, said “Security and privacy are inhibitors that prevent organizations from adopting cloud applications and CipherCloud solves these challenges in an elegant way. Since its founding, the team continues to demonstrate smart vision and agile execution in lock step with the cloud risks mitigation their customers need. Their hockey stick growth testifies to the market demand for their products.”

CipherCloud is clearly a startup to watch, and like Mirantis, another cloud startup, its likely that CipherCloud will eventually go IPO - that is, if they are not bought out for a handsome chunk of change before then.

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