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Josh Cohn
Josh Cohn's Article

It’s an IT specialist’s nightmare: You’re migrating your entire enterprise to an online platform such as Microsoft 365 or Google Apps. Suddenly, you realize that key data was lost during the transition. Well, at least the service provider takes care of backing everything up during the transition, right? Wrong. ...


While most people associate hot startups with B2C companies like Snapchat or Uber, the last several years we have also witnessed an unprecedented burst of innovation in enterprise IT startup world. As enterprise startups have such dramatically different needs, they really need a whole different type of support system ...


As any small business owner knows, competing with the big guys is an ongoing challenge. Many small businesses may not even have permanent IT staff, yet they still want to be able to interact with and track their customers. Generally speaking, CRM solutions are simply not designed for small ...


As any enterprise IP professional knows, these days employees frequently use their mobile devices for all kinds of applications related to work. Put simply, BYOD is an unstoppable force. This though raises a key challenge for IT. In an age of rampant cybersecurity breaches, how can employees’ mobile devices ...


Storage. As every aspect of our lives are digitized, the demand for storage only grows. This includes the enterprise, where every IT department wants more of it. Luckily for IT, the world of storage is now undergoing radical change, and as a result, storage capabilities that were simply not ...

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