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Interview: CloudAlly

It’s an IT specialist’s nightmare: You’re migrating your entire enterprise to an online platform such as Microsoft 365 or Google Apps. Suddenly, you realize that key data was lost during the transition.

It’s an IT specialist’s nightmare: You’re migrating your entire enterprise to an online platform such as Microsoft 365 or Google Apps. Suddenly, you realize that key data was lost during the transition. Well, at least the service provider takes care of backing everything up during the transition, right? Wrong. They don’t, and the damage to your company – and IT’s reputation – could be catastrophic.

Luckily, CloudAlly has you covered. Joining to speak more about CloudAlly is their Head of Marketing and Business Development Emilia Dariel.

IT Specialist Thank you for sharing some insights Emilia. To start with, can you provide some brief background on CloudAlly, such as what year you were started and the background of the founders?

Emilia CloudAlly is an Israeli based company. It was founded in 2011, by several entrepreneurs from a Technical background, initially from IDF software elite forces, continued by several of Israel’s Top Tech companies.

IT Specialist At a high level, can you provide CloudAlly’s overall perspective on the state of the back-up/disaster recovery market? How has the widespread use of the cloud affected the DR market?

Emilia As companies migrate to cloud based services such as Office 365, there is a common misconception that the back-up / disaster recovery is taken care of by the service provider.  The fact is that the service provider's DR process is for their own internal data centers, and does not provide the ability to recover user data that has been accidentally or maliciously destroyed. This creates a serious risk of data loss, and of course an excellent opportunity for 3rd party services such as CloudAlly to eliminate that risk by providing secure cloud based backup and recovery services.

IT Specialist What would you describe as CloudAlly’s core value-proposition for enterprise IT?

Emilia We completely eliminate the risk of data loss in the cloud by providing an easy to use, secure automated daily backup service that allows the immediate recovery of enterprise data from any point in time. This eliminates the need of a daily manual backup, which obviously raise the productivity of enterprise IT and also ensures business continuity.

IT Specialist Turning now to your solution, could you list out all the online applications that CloudAlly backs-up?

Emilia CloudAlly currently provides back ups to Office 365, SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business. Google Apps, Salesforce, Yahoo, Amazon SimpleDB, and DynamoDB. We are releasing a new version in several weeks in which will also include BOX backup. We are also working on several more SaaS backups services, which I can’t elaborate on right now – but we aim to be the #1 Cloud to Cloud Backup provider and offer many SaaS backups under one roof. Below you can see what our product looks like in action:  

IT Specialist How does your pricing structure work – is it related to the amount of total data saved or through another standard?Is this targeted at enterprises or SMBs as well?

Emilia We are targeting SMB’s, midmarket and also enterprise. The pricing structure depends on the backup product. For office 365/Google Apps/Salesforce the price is 3$ per month/user. We are offering volume discounts for enterprise (+100 accounts) and also discounts for non profit organizations. The pricing for SharePoint Online/Onedrive is 2$ per each 5GB site data, and for SimpleDB/DynamoDB it’s 12$/15$ for each 1GB AWS SimpleDB/DynamoDB  data, the discounts I mentioned above are available for these backups as well.

IT Specialist On the technology side, could you explain how your solution actually works? Is there an API that connects your software to the actual cloud solution the customer is using?

Emilia Yes, in most cases we access the cloud data via an API and then perform incremental daily backups to Amazon S3 secure storage. Our service is compatible with all Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce plans and backups can be stored on Amazon US, EU or Australian datacenters to comply with local data privacy requirements. The backups are retained for as long as the customer maintains their CloudAlly account and can

IT Specialist What role does the enterprise IT professional play in implementing and managing a CloudAlly solution – how easy is it to get started and then manage going forward?

Emilia The system admin is responsible for activating and managing the backups. It's a surprisingly easy process that only requires authorizing the backup task using their admin credentials, and then activating backups for all users with a single click or optionally activating backups for only selected users. There is very little ongoing management required since we provide unlimited storage and can auto detect new users as they're added to the system to ensure all enterprise users are backed up.

IT Specialist Are there any customers or case studies you’d like to highlight?

Emilia Do feel to check out this case study

IT Specialist Turning now to the corporate level, can you tell us how much money has you’ve raised and who are your core investors?

Emilia We're a privately held company and as such do not disclose financial information. I can tell you that we're self funded, have clients in 28 countries  and have seen consistently strong growth since our launch over 4 years ago.

IT Specialist Finally, for people who may be interested in testing your solution or beginning a dialogue with you, what is the best way for them to start working with you?

Emilia It only takes a few minutes to set-up a 15-day free trial directly from our website at and activate backups for your entire organization. Our team of support and sales reps can be contacted at for additional information and partnership opportunities.

CloudAlly will also be attending and exhibiting Microsoft WPC in July 12-16, in Orlando, Florida. We would love to meet and talk. Stop by our booth #1607. We have cool swag for you!

IT Specialist Thanks much for your time Emilia, and best of luck going forward.

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