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  • Cryptojacking on the Rise

    The growing crime of Cryptojacking and its illicit use in crypto mining for cybercoins and other forms of cyrptocurrency.
  • Security Tips for Shopping Online

    A few quick tips to use while shopping online during the holiday season.
  • Happy Holidays - 2021

    A short video warning viewers about the prolific nature of online scams during the holidays.
  • Business Email Compromise

    Tips on preventing business email compromise in your organization.
  • IT Specialist Baseline Employee Security Assessment

    Free online cybersecurity assessment for determining employees knowledge of cybersecurity.
  • Dangers of the Dark Web

    Brief overview of the dangers in having breached data on the Dark Web.

Global Support for IT Pros

IT Specialist Cybersecurity Services provides several complimentary cybersecurity services including security awareness training, security assessments and dark web scans in support of business, non-profit and government agencies. We also offer a comprehensive cybersecurity subscriber plan for organizations seeking to protect their organization 24/7/365 as well as cyber insurance for businesses and organizations that wish to fully protect themselves from a potential cyberattack. 

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IT Specialist Advisory Services is an information technology consulting service that offers IT Pros the assistance they need on complex, lengthy projects. Our uniquely configured engagements offer IT management and leaders peace of mind in completing projects on time and within budget. We partner closely with IT teams to provide everything  they need – from actionable tools to in-person analyst  guidance – to deliver measurable results for their  organizations.

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