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Startup docTrackr Provides IT Departments Unique Document Security Solution For E-Mail Attachments

As any IT Professional is aware, information security is probably the number one challenge that IT departments face these days. Organizations face an unprecedented combination of challenges in protecting their data, and the tools to combat these threats are not necessarily keeping up with the threats out there. One issue that many enterprises face is what happens to their confidential information once it leaves the corporate intranet? While an IT department can do a perfect job protecting confidential information inside the firewall, once a document which contains information of any sort - spec sheets, financial information, sensitive customer data - is sent out by an employee for whatever reason, it is now in the public domain. 

One company that has developed an innovative solution to document security is 
docTrackr. docTrackr is a startup which solves a unique pain point for any enterprise, big or small, and as such is well worth profiling as part of IT Specialist's continued focus on innovative startups. Joining us today is docTrackr CEO Clement Cazalot.

IT Specialist: Clement thank you very much for taking the time to join us today. To start with, can you provide us an overview of docTrackr's founders and their inspiration for starting the company?

Clement: Since we launched the company our goal has always been to democratize security. The team has four founding members: Alex Negrea, Alexander Gentea, UliMittermaier and I. Alex and I started out as employees of French security giant Gemalto. As technologists, we were troubled with the increased use of online collaboration tools in dire need of security. By December 2010 we quit our jobs and joined up by the other Alex and with serial entrepreneur UliMittermaier.

IT Specialist: As I understand it Clement, docTrackr allows enterprise employees to track any documents once they send them out. Is this more for security purposes, or is it for general informational purposes as well? What motivates employees to want this information?

Clement: docTrackr is hugely valuable because it gives anyone, be it an employee, manager or small business owner the power to secure their documents and have complete control over them. Even after that document has left his or her hands.

What is truly unique about docTrackr is the flexibility and ease with which we deliver such powerful security. docTrackr applies cryptography to document management, to provide a user friendly DRM system for documents. This is the type of security used by governments and large financial institutions. docTrackr provides this security in an easy to use dashboard so you don't need to be technical to enable protection.

With that security comes all sorts of features: geo-location tracking, full usage histories, and more. If you need to ensure compliance, or make sure your document is being treated properly, these features are perfect for you.

IT Specialist: Once a document leaves your PC, what are all of the features and functions that can be tracked with docTrackr? For example, can they see who opens the document, and/or update the status of the document once it's out of their control?

Clement: docTrackr not only allows you see who is using your document, but also tells you where and when. docTrackr allows you to track different types of document usage. It is possible to track opens, access modifications, and prints so you always know what is happening with your document.

To your second point, docTrackr provides permissions management on all documents, even after you have sent them out. This means you can destroy a document you shared with someone accidentally, or change permissions on documents to prevent someone from printing or editing them. This can all be done remotely and at any time. 

IT Specialist: What kinds of documents can docTrackr track? Is it limited to Word documents or is there a list of the types of documents with which docTrackr works?

Clement: docTrackr not only works with all Microsoft Office document types like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, but also gives you the power to secure Adobe PDF documents as well.

IT Specialist: The technology behind docTrackr sounds fascinating. Without revealing too much Clement, can you give us a technical explanation of how this solution works? Does docTrackr install some kind of "cookie-like" code on every document, and how can the originator of the document control all of these permissions on their document once it's out of their hands?

Clement: Great question, docTrackr encrypts your documents. This means that a document’s data is encrypted, and can only be deciphered if someone has a special encryption key that can open the document. docTrackr manages the distribution and the access to these encryption keys in the cloud so that a user can access that key from any computer.

To make things even more secure, docTrackr assigns permissions to each key. In order to decipher your documents, you need all three pieces: the document, the correct identity and the correct key. Users who receive a document but don’t have the proper key or user name cannot connect to docTrackr’s secured cloud. The document will never open for them.

IT Specialist: As I gather, docTrackr has established a partnership with the enterprise cloud company Box. Can you let us know first, how and when was this partnership was established and what motivated Box to want to work closely with you?

Clement: We started working with Box over the summer 2012, and made partnership public in January this year, to provide advanced DRM systems to Box users. We answer the question “What happen to my documents once extracted from Box?” for their enterprise segment customers.

IT Specialist: And second, can you describe in more detail what the exact
 docTrackr/Box solution actually is? Is the solution substantially different in it’s architecture then the main docTrackr product?

Clement: docTrackr integrates with Box to protect files and folders when they leave a Box account. Integrating the two services happens with just a few clicks. Users get all the same power of docTrackr’s stand-alone product, with the additional storage and collaboration capabilities of Box. In essence, you get all the protection of a standard Box account, but when your files leave the secure confines of Box, they are protected, tracked and completely within your control wherever you might send them.

IT Specialist: One thing that is interesting about docTrackr is that you have quite an international profile. As I gather the company was actually started in Paris and emerged from a French Accelerator? I also noticed you have Offices in Boston, Paris and Bucharest, Romania - where does the Romanian connection come from?

Clement: That is correct. The company was officially founded in 2010 at Le Camping: a French accelerator. Since then we have gone through TechStars, the worlds #1 accelerator program, and established our American headquarters in Boston. As for our Romanian connection, Romania is probably the single best source of security technologists today. The very best in security, including our own engineers, have roots there.

Our CTO Alex Negrea is from Romania originally, so it made sense to draw on Romanian talent for docTrackr. A number of our Romanian engineers joined docTrackr from Seesmic after Hootsuite acquired the company. 

IT Specialist: How has docTrackr's traction in the market been to date? How is your technology being received within the SMB and enterprise markets?

Clement: Our technology has been received extremely well. Coming out of Le Camping, we had several large enterprise clients and partners such as SNCF (the equivalent of Amtrak in western Europe) and Box.

High quality security typically costs millions and has been much too expensive for most companies. But the problem is, most businesses desperately need this type of security for their data. Because of this, the SMB market has been extremely receptive to our product, and we have enjoyed working with companies who have a wide variety of security requirements.

IT Specialist: Have you raised any venture capital to date, and who are your main investors? Do you have plans to raise any capital going forward?

Clement: In the summer of 2012 we raised $2 million, a combination of funding from Polaris Venture Partners, Atlas Venture, Common Angels and Alive Ideas. And we prepare some next for the future ;-)

IT Specialist: Finally Clement, for companies that might want to learn more about docTrackr or trial your technology, what is the best way for people to contact and interface with you?

Clement: If you have any questions about startups, our product, or securing  your business, you can reach out to me at clem@doctrackr.comAnd, of course, you can head over to to learn more and sign up for a free trial!


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