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  • [2019] Big Data & AI for Bad Guys

    Conferencia de Chema Alonso en el Foro Pilot 2019 en Aragón impartida en Zaragoza. Más información en el libro de "Machine Learning aplicado a Ciberseguridad" de 0xWord:

    "Unglued" by BIG DATA available now:

    From the upcoming album, '3.0,' arriving July 26th, 2019.


    ● Directed by Maggie Levin

    ● Director of Animation & Concept Design: Andy Holton

    ● Edited by Andy Holton

    ● Produced by Scott Derrickson, Maggie Levin & Andy Holton

    ● In Association with Renacer Entertainment

    ● Co-Produced by MeeRa Kim, Sheena Leigh & David Rubin

    ● Cinematographer: Alex Choonoo

    ● Production Designer: Alexandra Friedman

    ● Illustrations by Andy Holton, Maggie Levin, Caitlyn Brisbin, Alexandra Friedman, Anna Lore, Ashley Quach, Ryan Nemeth, Ashley Bolaños, Alex Marshall-Brown, Rantz Hoseley, Chris Pamilar, Nicky Quiles

    ● Animators: Andy Holton, Maggie Levin, Alexandra Friedman

    ● Additional Animation: Bob Dalicandro, Devaughn Taylor, David Rubin, Sheena Leigh, Russell Henson

    ● Motion Graphics: Emily Kaplan

    ● Animation PAs: Bob Dalicandro, Devaughn Taylor

    ● Production Assistants: Michael J. O’Connell, Russell Henson, Scott Henson, Nicholas Perry

    ● Special Thanks: Butcher Bird Studios, Nvisionate Studios, Six Digits Productions
  • Real Time Race Analysis | How Big Data Is Used At The Tour de France

    As cycling modernises, NTT are providing real time data for each pro cyclist at the Tour de France for fans and teams to analyse. Dan went behind the scenes at the #TdF2019 to find out how it works, and to see if he could beat the algorithm to correctly predict the stage winner....

    In association with NTT.

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    What kind of data would you like to see in pro racing? Do you think the NTT computers can correctly predict the winner each day? Let us know your thoughts on how big data is used in cycling, in the comments below 👇

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    📹 Dimension Data BMC Bike |

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    Camera Shutter 6 - SFX Producer
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    In a Forward Motion - Frank Jonsson
    What a Way (Instrumental Version) - OTE

    Photos: © Velo Collection (TDW) / Getty Images & © Bettiniphoto /

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  • Big data - Superquark 12/07/2017

    TUTTE LE PUNTATE - Siamo entrati nell'era dei big data: il mondo intorno a noi è fatto sempre di più di tantissimi dati che ci inseguono ovunque. Ogni volta che apriamo un computer o usiamo il cellulare contribuiamo noi stessi a creare questi dati. Paolo Magliocco con Andrea Pasquini sono andati a capire chi li raccoglie, chi li sa analizzare e come si possono usare, per aiutarci o per ingannarci.
  • Аналитика Big Data: что это такое и как сюда попасть

    Артем, менеджер поисковых продуктов Mail.Ru Group, расскажет:
    - что такое большие данные,
    - какие задачи решают аналитики Big Data,
    - какими инструментами и навыками должен владеть хороший аналитик,
    - рассмотрим кейсы из практики, с которыми встречаются аналитики.

    Также рассмотрим, как начать свою карьеру в этой сфере, и ответим на ваши вопросы.
    Лекция для начинающих специалистов, и только начинающих знакомство с BigData.

    Сопроводительный материал:
    Roadmap Data Scientist —
    Сообщество аналитиков —
    Рекомендации по литературе:
  • BIG DATA - "Evolutional (feat. L1ZY)"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
  • BIG DATA - "Candy"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
  • BIG DATA - "Live Forever (feat. MNDR)"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
  • BIG DATA - "Slay (feat. L1ZY)"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
  • BIG DATA - "Give Me Life"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
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