Big Data Reviews

  • What is Big Data and how does it work?

    We explain in collaboration with Anchormen what Big Data is and the possibilities that it holds.

  • Big Data Visualization - Data Lit #3

    There are so many different ways to visualize data! We're going to learn about the major types of visualizations (relationships, correlations, comparisons) as well as discuss some of the many powerful visualization tools that are available to us. Google Charts, Tableau, there are a lot! We'll break down the visualization process along many dimensions, revealing the subtleties that can make or break a chart. Using the plotly library. we'll visualize a Medium blog post dataset many different ways. Enjoy!

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  • Big Data explained (explainity® explainer video)

    Big Data is all over the news recently. But what is it all about? In this short video we give a definition of Big Data and we explain what it is being used for and some of its perks and weaknesses.

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    "Unglued" by BIG DATA available now:

    From the upcoming album, '3.0,' arriving July 26th, 2019.


    ● Directed by Maggie Levin

    ● Director of Animation & Concept Design: Andy Holton

    ● Edited by Andy Holton

    ● Produced by Scott Derrickson, Maggie Levin & Andy Holton

    ● In Association with Renacer Entertainment

    ● Co-Produced by MeeRa Kim, Sheena Leigh & David Rubin

    ● Cinematographer: Alex Choonoo

    ● Production Designer: Alexandra Friedman

    ● Illustrations by Andy Holton, Maggie Levin, Caitlyn Brisbin, Alexandra Friedman, Anna Lore, Ashley Quach, Ryan Nemeth, Ashley Bolaños, Alex Marshall-Brown, Rantz Hoseley, Chris Pamilar, Nicky Quiles

    ● Animators: Andy Holton, Maggie Levin, Alexandra Friedman

    ● Additional Animation: Bob Dalicandro, Devaughn Taylor, David Rubin, Sheena Leigh, Russell Henson

    ● Motion Graphics: Emily Kaplan

    ● Animation PAs: Bob Dalicandro, Devaughn Taylor

    ● Production Assistants: Michael J. O’Connell, Russell Henson, Scott Henson, Nicholas Perry

    ● Special Thanks: Butcher Bird Studios, Nvisionate Studios, Six Digits Productions

    Big Data merupakan suatu fenomena besar yang sedang terjadi di dunia. Big Data tentunya memiliki banyak peranan penting dalam kehidupan, dan secara tidak langsung, Big Data telah mengubah cara hidup manusia.

    Big Data is a huge phenomenon that is happening in this world. Big Data has many important roles in our life and indirectly, it has changed the way human lives.

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    UPT Balai Informasi Teknologi – Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia
The Number One Menace to All Organizations

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