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  • BIG DATA - 3.0 - "L1ZY"

    Introducing the most advanced artificial intelligence platform in modern history... BIG DATA 3.0.

    “Monster (feat. Jamie Lidell)” available now:

    See BIG DATA perform live on the Alt Nation tour:


    Directed by GHOST + COW
    Written by BIG DATA and GHOST + COW
    Story and Executive Produced by BIG DATA

    Produced by Steve Cozzarelli


    Claire Burns as Mary
    David Levin as Gerry
    Juliet Brett as Alison
    Alexander Jameson as Brandon
    Sondra James Weil - Neighbor
    Lizy Ryan as L1ZY

    Director of Photography - Luke McCoubrey

    Edited by Geordie Anderson

    Score and original music by BIG DATA

    Sound design and mix by Brian Goodheart

    Sonic Union Producer - Halle Petro

    Colored by Ashley Ayarza

    Nice Shoes Producer - Elizabeth Mitchell

    VFX artist - Tim Mearini

    Production designer - Jana Bergstedt

    Makeup / SFX artist - Emma Berley

    Art PA / Driver - Scott Raven

    Wardrobe Stylist - Kayci Rothweiler

    1st AD - Ruby Walters

    Assistant camera - Julian Tran

    Sound mixer - Edward Morris

    Camera PA - Beth Fletcher

    Key Grip - Jesse Moritz

    Grips - Landon Yost, Mitch Perrin

    Gaffer - Jesse Sanchez-Strauss

    Swing - Rylie Patterson

    Production assistants - Smij McBee, Angie Blas

    Special thanks to alldayeveryday productions, De Boer Media

    EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to the Gudis Family for their incredible generosity.
  • What Is Big Data? & How Big Data Is Changing The World!

    In this video, we’ll be discussing big data – more specifically, what big data is, the exponential rate of growth of data, how we can utilize the vast quantities of data being generated as well as the
    implications of linked data on big data.

    - Starting off we'll look at, how data has been used as a tool from the origins of human evolution, starting at the hunter-gatherer age and leading up to the present information age. Afterwards, we'll look into many statistics demonstrating the exponential rate of growth and future growth of data.

    - Following that we'll discuss, what exactly big data is and delving deeper into the types of data, structured and unstructured and how they will be analyzed both by humans and machine learning (AI). We'll also discuss the next evolution of data,
    linked data, and how it will change the world and the web!

    - To conclude we'll briefly overview the role cloud computing will play with big data!

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    Soundtrack ➤

    ♫ 00:00 "G.I. Joe" by MadD3E

    ♫ 00:29 "Sun" by HOME

    ♫ 02:54 "If I'm Wrong" by HOME

    ♫ 04:22 "New Machines" by HOME

    ♫ 07:16 "Decay" by HOME

    ♫ 11:10 "Scanlines" by HOME

    ♫ 11:56 "Pyxis" by HOME

    ♫ 16:17 "Resonance" by HOME

    ♫ 18:51 "Head First" by HOME

    ♫ 19:53 "June" by Aire Atlantica

    Producer ➤ Ankur Bargotra
  • Big data: why should you care?

    In the second episode of Five Minute Masterminds, the author and broadcaster Timandra Harkness introduces big data, explaining how big it actually is, its impact on recent political elections and how it can change your life 
    Can we all move to Mars? Prof Martin Rees on space exploration – video
    'Big Data, Does Size Matter? by Timandra Harkness
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