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  • Big Data Goes Real

    Oct.17 -- Snowflake Co-Founder & President of Products Benoit Dageville, Datadog Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Alexis Lê-Quôc, Confluent Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer Neha Narkhede discuss how the cloud will enable companies to use data in real-time with Bloomberg’s Joshua Brustein at The CIO Exchange in New York on October 16, 2019.

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  • Does Big Data Spell Big Trouble?

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    Facebook announced their entry into currency creation space via their new cryptocurrency, Libra and global governments are riled. Why? Because it poses a threat to their money monopoly.

    On August 5, 2019, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System announced a new instant payment system, FedNow, with their own CBDC at the heart. This new, universally interoperable system would tie all banks and fintech companies under the direct control of the Fed, which seems an awful lot like the structure of the Chinese CBDC and payment system that is set to launch before Facebook launches Libra.

    And because CBDCs are designed to mimic cash (like initially, cash was designed to mimic sound money gold in 1913), the general public would be lulled into believing that nothing has changed, when in reality, everything will have changed with central bankers in full control of every penny earned, spent and saved. YIKES!

    With central bankers in full control, there is no way to protect your principal from negative yields and because computer digits are infinitely divisible, there could be a new inflation/deflation tool in their toolbox. You will do what they want. So the big question is, is there another choice? And the answer is yes.

    Because once fully implemented, cash use would no longer be an option, but physical gold and silver remains the largest petal in the BIS money flower, that is outside of the central bank system, and is universally accepted for peer-to-Peer transactions.
    Why are Central Banks buying gold? Because financial shields are made of gold and silver.


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  • Big Data & Hadoop Full Course - Learn Hadoop In 10 Hours | Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners | Edureka

    ** Big Data Architect Master Program: **
    This Edureka Big Data & Hadoop Full Course video will help you understand and learn Hadoop concepts in detail. This Big Data & Hadoop Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the Hadoop Ecosystem. Below are the topics covered in this Big Data & Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners video:
    2:37 Introduction to Big Data
    8:22 What is Big Data?
    9:32 5 V's of Big Data
    15:02 Big Data as an Opportunity
    18:27 IBM Big Data Analytics Use-Case
    24:38 Big Data Analytics & Use-Case
    32:43 What is Big Data Analytics?
    33:28 Stages of Big Data Analytics
    34:33 Types of Big Data Analytics
    39:53 Big Data Analytics in Different Domains
    46:38 Problems with Big Data: Restaurant Analogy
    54:53 Apache Hadoop
    56:18 Hadoop Master-Slave Architecture
    1:00:38 HDFS
    1:01:03 NameNode & DataNode
    1:02:33 Secondary Namenode & Checkpointing
    1:06:18 HDFS Data Blocks
    1:11:18 HDFS Replication
    1:12:48 HDFS Read/Write Mechanism
    1:20:43 MapReduce
    1:24:33 What is MapReduce?
    1:25:43 MapReduce Word Count Program
    1:42:13 YARN
    1:43:38 MapReduce Job Workflow
    1:47:28 YARN Architecture
    1:48:33 Hadoop Architecture
    1:49:38 Hadoop Ecosystem
    1:50:53 Hadoop Cluster Mode
    1:52:33 Hadoop Ecosystem
    1:55:38 Hadoop Installation
    2:08:03 MapReduce Examples
    2:08:08 Weather Data Set Analysis
    2:16:23 MapReduce Last.FM Example
    2:24:13 Apache Sqoop Tutorial
    2:26:03 What is Sqoop?
    2:27:33 Features of Sqoop
    2:28:43 Sqoop Architecture
    2:30:48 Import Sqoop Command
    2:38:23 Export Sqoop Command
    2:40:03 List Database Command
    2:42:28 Apache Flume Tutorial
    2:45:18 Flume Architecture
    2:46:58 Flume Twitter Streaming
    2:52:23 Apache Pig Tutorial
    2:55:18 Pig vs MapReduce
    2:58:23 Twitter Case Study
    3:04:48 Pig Architecture
    3:05:48 Pig Components
    3:09:38 Pig Data Models
    3:14:33 Pig Commands
    3:27:33 Apache Hive Tutorial
    3:40:43 What is Hive?
    3:43:23 PigLatin Vs HiveQL
    3:47:09 Hive Architecture
    3:50:19 Hive Components
    3:51:24 Metastore
    3:55:44 Hive Commands
    3:56:44 Hive Setup
    4:01:04 Type Systems
    4:02:54 Hive Data Models
    4:46:54 Hive Partitioning
    4:56:44 Bucketing in Hive
    5:44:19 External Table
    5:48:49 Apache HBase Tutorial
    6:13:05 Types of NoSQL Databases
    6:21:36 History if HBase
    6:23:06 HBase vs RDBMS
    6:27:56 Uses of HBase
    6:31:46 Companies Using HBase
    6:41:03 HBase Operation
    6:51:28 HBase Shell
    7:16:38 Single Map
    7:17:23 Multidimensional Map
    7:18:03 Multidimensional Columns
    7:20:33 Row vs Column Oriented Databases
    7:22:33 HBase Data Models
    7:25:03 HBase Physical Storage
    7:28:43 HBase Architecture
    7:30:48 HBase Components
    7:31:04 HBase Read Write Mechanism
    7:40:49 Compaction in HBase
    7:41:49 HBase Shell
    7:42:09 HBase Client API
    7:42:24 Hadoop E-Commerce Projects
    7:58:24 Distributed Cache
    8:00:14 Code Sections
    8:17:44 How to Become a Big Data Engineer?
    8:18:24 Who is a Big Data Engineer?
    8:19:14 Big Data Engineer Responsibilities
    8:24:49 Big Data Engineer Skills
    8:32:44 Big Data Engineer Learning Path
    8:36:19 Big Data & Hadoop Interview Questions




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  • Всё о Data Science / Big data и дополненная реальность / Интервью с Data Scientist

    В сегодняшнем выпуске у меня в гостях Data Scientist компании Banuba - Вячеслав Архипов.
    Слава провел полный экскурс в мир data sciense и анализа данных. Мы поговорили про нейронные сети, про генетические алгоритмы, про data sets, про big data, про machine learning, про deep learning, про биржевую торговлю, про augmented reality (дополненная реальность) и про многое другое.
    Мощное техническое интервью с математиком!
    Так что, заваривайте чаинский и приятного просмотра! 😎

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  • Big Data - Dangerous (Oliver Remix) | euphoria OST

    Music from euphoria (2019) distributed by HBO.
    euphoria (Soundtrack) by Various Artists.
  • Tape is here to rescue big data

    Tape is a technology most of us stopped using decades ago, but now preserves some of the world’s most important data.

    This week Quartz News travels to Switzerland to understand why tech companies and research institutions like CERN, the largest particle physics lab in the world, rely on massive libraries filled with magnetic tapes.


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  • BIG DATA - "Live Forever (feat. MNDR)"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
  • BIG DATA - "Slay (feat. L1ZY)"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
  • BIG DATA - "Candy"

    BIG DATA's new album, '3.0,' available everywhere now:
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