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  • Why YOU NEED an iPhone (Bye Bye Android)

    This video is about why you need an iPhone instead of your Android device.

    Android is definitely not a bad software but it doesn't come even close to the iPhone with iOS. iOS has so many awesome features and simply works so smoothly. The iPhone is so simple to use, iCloud is awesome, the App Store is unbeatable, beautiful hardware, iMessage, FaceTime and more.

    The Apple ecosystem is simply unbeatable.

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  • Why Is It So Hard To Switch From Apple to Android? | Untangled

    iPhone users have a hard time switching over to Android because they're integrated into Apple's ecosystem. Apple's software, products, and accessories keep users locked in. However, Google is making the switch to Android a little easier. 

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    Lifelong iPhone User Switches To The Galaxy S10
    $1,980 Samsung Galaxy Fold Review


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    Why Is It So Hard To Switch From Apple to Android? | Untangled
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