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  • Top Android Apps! (September 2018)

    Here are my picks for the best apps of the month!

    LastPass -
    Power Shade -
    Resplash -
    Lawnchair v2 -
    Quantum Dots -
    YouTube Vanced (+ MicroG) -
    Overdrop -
    Musicana -
    Sharedr -
    Alto’s Odyssey -

    Favorite Filmmaking Gear -
    Where I Got My Phone -

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  • Como Instalar una Radio Android Auto en el Coche | Kit Facil de Montar

    Si quieres una radio como la que montan los coches actuales, con todas las funciones de conectividad, manos libres, mirrorlink, etc..

    Y tu coche tiene una radio integrada de las que parece que no se pueden cambiar, esta es la opcion mas facil, comprar un kit que viene hecho a medida para que todo quede como si fuese de serie.

    Vamos es como una tablet android, pero con mas cosas y preparada para usar en el coche.
    Se le puede conectar camara trasera, altavoces, usb y esas cosas.

    ► Enlaces:

    Radios a medida:
    Radio estandar 2din:
    Radio estandar 2din:

    Android Auto:

    Opcion radio simple:

    - ¿Cual merece mas la pena?

    Si solo quieres una radio con usb y jack de audio que apenas vas a toquetear pilla la mas barata.

    Pero si quieres una radio con la que poder hacer de todo, la android es mucho mejor.
    Es como comparar la pantalla de un movil con la nintendo ds.

    La radio de este coche (Honda Jazz):
  • 🇱🇰 Powerful Android Secrets Tricks Sinhala

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  • Best Android Apps - Customization Edition!

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    NEW What's on my Android Phone -
    Best Android Setups Episode 30 -

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    Exquigets for KWGT -
    Skyline for KWGT -
    ENIX Icon Pack -
    CandyCons Unwrapped -
    KLWP -
    Gradient for KLWP -
    Full Screen Gestures -
    LED Keyboard -
    Everpics Wallpapers -
    Energy Ring -

    Camera Gear I use:

    Camera ▶
    Main Lens ▶
    Secondary Lens ▶
    Lens Adapter ▶
    Tripod ▶
    SD Card ▶

    My Full Gear List ▶ ▶

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  • How to Run Fastest Parrot OS on Android Phone Without Root.!![ Run Kali Linux,Parrot OS, Black Arch]

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    Hey Guys Myself Swapnil Srivastava Today in this video I am going to show you that How to Run almost any of the best Penetration Testing OS on your Android Phone..!! Which means that this video covers the installation tutorial for Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Black Arch, Kali Nethunter and all the other top Penetration Testing OS. You can just follow all the steps shown in this video to run it on your Android Phone. For this video I shown you Parrot OS. This OS is one of the best Penetration Testing OS right now. Even Some peoples like it more over the Kali Linux. It will have internet connection enabled in it so that you all guys will be able to Install and use any tools that you want from the Terminal. I had shown the installation of metasploit framework in it.

    So Download all the files as shown in this video.. And if you guys are facing any problem regarding any step just comment down below I will help you there..
    Thanks for Watching..
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