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  • What's on my OnePlus 6? (Android Pie)

    ➨ I highly recommend you check out some skins from dbrand:
    The last time I made a "What's on my Android Phone?" video was over a year ago. So I thought it was about time to give you guys a quick update. Now you'll know what's on my launcher, what phone I use, the apps I use, and more. Enjoy!
    ➨ Rootless Pixel Launcher

    ➨ Lawnchair V2

    ➨ Nova Launcher

    ➨ Pixxy KWGT ($0.99)

    ➨ KWGT (FREE/$4.49)

    ➨ Minty Icons

    ➨ Flyme 7 Wallpaper Pack

    ➨ StopAd
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