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  • HK1 Super Android Device OTT TV Rohas Reviews

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    This works on verions 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4 17.5, and 17.6. It has not been test on the new Kodi 18 version since it is in beta. You can add multiple addons to use. All in one addons usually have these options are very easy to add in and sync. You can watch all kinds of movies, tv shows, sports, games, and so much more. This can easily be installed on any android device including firesticks also. Complete Kodi XBMC Tutorial, very user friendly and simple install method for all your kodi devices. Easy tutorial install method for firestick, nvidia shield, minix, windows, linux, and any android device. #hk1superandroid #androidbox #ottsuper Enjoy Rohas

    Music Info: THBD Lost in the Night Feat Pipa Moran

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  • Umidigi F2 Unboxing/Review! Android 10 Helio P70 smartphone

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    Umidigi F2 unboxing-0:19
    Umidigi F2 hands on- 01:45
    Umidigi F2 performance-2:51
    Umidigi F2 screen test-3:30
    Umidigi F2 sound speakers- 4:13
    Umidigi F2 gaming test-10:37
    Umidigi F2 battery life- 9:10
    Umidigi F2 Camera Samples - 7:42
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