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  • Pixel 4 vs. OnePlus 7T

    The Google Pixel 4 starts at $799 in the US. But how does it fare against the $599 OnePlus 7T? I compare the cameras and the screens on these two Android phones, plus discuss battery life and performance. Let's decide if you need to spend more cash for the Pixel 4, or less for the 7T.

    CNET's Google Pixel 4 review with specs:
    CNET's OnePlus 7T review with specs:

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  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone

    Samsung Note 10 Plus – here's our review for the king of Android phones. Can it keep the crown, or have all the other, less expensive contenders made it just another phone? The answer to that question, Dieter Bohn says, is simply this: how much would you pay to have a stylus in your phone?

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  • Android Battery Life Tips and Upcoming Smart Card Reviews! (Ask the Buffalo)

    On this episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon tells us what jobs he would consider if he stopped working in the tech industry and how he maximizes battery life on his Android devices. Jon also tells us what smart credit cards he is planning on reviewing and why he prefers Google Now over Apple’s Siri.

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