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  • Android User uses iPhone XS for Two Weeks Straight! (In-Depth Review)

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    ➨ Design 0:58

    ➨ Display 2:13

    ➨ Software 3:10
    ➨➨Launcher 3:20
    ➨➨ Apps in iOS 4:43
    ➨➨ iMessage 5:44
    ➨➨ Siri 7:06
    ➨➨ Gesture Navbar 8:38
    ➨➨ Notification Management 9:09
    ➨➨ Settings 10:16
    ➨➨➨ Screen Time Menu 10:42
    ➨➨➨ Battery Menu 11:29

    ➨ Battery 12:10

    ➨ Face ID 13:04

    ➨ Camera 13:42

    ➨ Performance 15:04

    ➨ Extra Features Worth Mentioning 16:07

    ➨ Final Thoughts
    ➨➨Will I be switching to the iPhone? 17:33
    ➨➨ Is the iPhone XS worth the $1000? 18:07
    ➨➨ Would I recommend an Android user the iPhone XS? 18:52
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  • Portable Android Waterproof Inspection Camera

    Inspection Camera (updated new version)

    - Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10 & Macbook OS computer or OTG Andriod device
    - Featuring a waterproof camera (0.33 inch diameter) and 6 adjustable LED Lights, help you to improve visibility in low-light environment and inspect easily inaccessible area such as car engine, vent pipe, and more.
    - Armed with a bendable semi-rigid cable that can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place, such as curved holes or pipes.

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  • Android 10 Review on OnePlus 7 Pro

    The OnePlus 7 Pro just got the stable version of Android 10. It has plenty of new features and options for customization that I'm sure you'll like. So watch the video and find out what they are, enjoy!
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  • Best Android Tablets in 2019 - Top 5 Android Tablets Review

    Links to the best android tablets we listed in today's android tablet review video:
    1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

    2. Fire HD 10 Tablet

    3. Lenovo Smart Tab M10

    4. Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

    5. ASUS ZenPad 3S

    In today's video we reviewed the top 5 best android tablets on the market in 2019. We made this list based on our personal opinion and we ranked them in no particular order after doing our research based on their price, features, processing power, brand reputation and more. Now if you think there are other android tablets which deserve to be in this list, please leave a comment down below! Thanks for watching and if this android tablet review was helpful to you, please remember to leave a like and subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this in the future, and if you have any questions related to the android tablet models which are listed here, leave a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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