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  • Best Linux Distros: Choosing the Right Linux Version for You

    Interested in LInux, but can't decide which version to use? We show the top 5 most popular Linux versions (a.k.a. "distros"), their user-friendliness, benefits, and suggested users. Thanks for watching!

    To check out the Linux versions mentioned in this video, visit these sites:

    Want to learn more about what Linux is and why open-source software is great? Watch this video:

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  • Alternatives are NOT Replacements! - Operating System Philosophies & Linux Ramble

    HEY! I've just done a LONG, in-depth conversation w/ Bryan Lunduke and TheLinuxGamer about video production on Linux! Check it out:

    I received quite the spectrum of interesting comments on yesterday's "Linux is Easier than Windows" video, so I wanted to address some of the philosophical differences here.

    Software alternatives are not the same as software replacements. Also shunning anyone for OS choices is absurd. Don't be "that guy."

    Linux is Easier than Windows -

    Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

    Thanks for watching!
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  • Best Operating System OS for Data Science and Analytics

    In this video I am talking about the best operating system for data science and the operating system you should use as a data analyst looking to get started in data analytics.
    ► Check out the Top 4 Best Laptops for Data Analytics
    ( )

    ► Check out the Top 4 Best Desktop Computers for Data Analytics
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    ► Blog post for all the helpful resources mentioned in the video
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    Recently I put out a video about the best laptops and desktop computers for data science. I noticed I was receiving a lot of questions about the operating systems of these computers.

    Our subscribers and viewers kept asking, What is the best operating system for data science?

    More questions that I was receiving were as follows:

    - What is the best operating system for Data Science?
    - What is the best operating system for Data Analytics?
    - What Operating System should I use as a Data Analyst?
    - Best Operating System for Data Analysts?
    - Linux Vs Windows for Data Science
    - Linux Vs Mac OS X for Data Science?
    - Linux Mac or Windows for Data Analysts?
    - How do I pick the right operating system for data analytics?

    I saw many more variations of the question surrounding the best operating system for data analysts, scientists, and big data engineers. I decided it was important to make a video about computer operating systems in data science to clear the air and help new comers to the industry.

    The Main Point:
    Operating Systems do not do the work of data science, various programs do. Decide what analysis setup you want to run and then use the OS that will run it.


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