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  • Linux File System/Structure Explained!

    Ever get confused where to find things in Linux and where programs get installed? I'll explain what all the folders are for, and what's in them! (CLICK \/ SHOW MORE! \/ )

    02:35 /bin
    02:50 /sbin
    03:22 /boot
    03:31 /cdrom
    03:38 /dev
    04:14 /etc
    05:12 /lib, /lib32, /lib64
    05:28 /mnt, /media
    06:31 /opt
    06:59 /proc
    08:08 /root
    08:31 /run
    08:53 /snap
    09:08 /srv
    09:28 /sys
    09:51 /tmp
    10:34 /usr
    11:48 /var
    12:15 /home

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    How and Where to backup your files :

    NOTES : I'm aware that Dennis Ritchie was the co-creator of Unix but I said Linux for some reason and didn't notice until long after it was uploaded. My bad! Either way, it's like he did have a hand in the creation of Linux anyways since it's based on Unix, maybe he's like the grandfather, or estranged great-uncle ;)

    Also, as for MacOS and BSD, I know MacOS's history involved a lot more such as NeXTSTEP/Mach OS/BSD/Darwin etc, but I only mentioned BSD because more people have heard of it and I didn't want to get into the whole evolution of Mac to keep the video shorter.

    Thanks for watching!
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