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  • Zorin OS a Linux Operating System like Windows 7

    Today I'm showing you Zorin OS an open source Linux distribution which is freely available to download and a great alternative to Windows. This release of Linux is fairly similar to Windows 7 and is ideal for business customers. In this video I'll take you through a virtualised tour of Zorin OS to show just how good it is, you might even get to see my previously deleted "Riding the network" video too!

    I'm using Hyper-V to run this Operating System virtually.
    If you wish to use this OS please go to:

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  • Linux From Scratch 7.10 - 1: Build Your Own Operating System

    LFS allows you to build your own Linux OS. In this tutorial we get the host system ready for compiling the required packages.

    Coming from the old series? Don't Worry! I am going at a faster pace so we will quickly catch up where I left off.

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    LFS Book -

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    Disk Setup -
    LFS Variable / Mounting -
    Packages -
    Tools DIR -
    LFS User -

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