Windows 10 Reviews

  • Why the Windows 10 on ARM haters are all wrong

    Lots of supposed PC fans are moaning about Windows 10 on ARM. While a Snapdragon-based PC may not be for you (which is totally fine) real PC users should want Qualcomm, and Intel, and AMD do succeed as we all will benefit.

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  • Microsoft Surface Go Review - $400 Entry Level Surface Windows 10 Tablet

    Buy it at Microsoft - (affiliate link) - Microsoft's new low cost Surface Go Windows 10 tablet corrects a lot of what I thought was wrong with their prior entry level Surface 3 tablet. It offers great performance and an excellent overall build quality. See more tablets: and subscribe!

    00:22 - Price and Configuration
    01:03 - Hardware Overview
    01:19 - Thick Bezels
    01:55 - Kickstand
    02:17 - Surface Pen and Keyboard
    03:40 - Processor
    03:58 - Storage and RAM
    04:22 - Display
    05:10 - Weight
    05:33 - Battery Life
    06:12 - Ports
    06:23 - Full-Service USB Type C
    07:00 - Magnetic Surface Charger
    07:38 - MicroSD Card Slot for Expansion
    08:01 - Front-Facing Stereo Speakers
    08:34 - Performance: Photoshop & pen support
    09:29 - Apple Pencil Experience Better than Surface Pen
    09:52 - Performance: Video Editing
    10:29 - Performance: Word and Excel
    10:55 - On-Screen Keyboard Options
    12:23 - Benchmarks: Speedometer
    13:08 - Gaming: Rocket League
    13:23 - Gaming: Minecraft
    13:35 - Gaming: Half Life 2
    13:44 - Gaming: Fortnite
    14:09 - Gaming: Dolphin GameCube Emulation
    14:54 - Benchmarks: 3DMark Cloudgate
    15:25 - Benchmarks: 3DMark Stress Test
    15:46 - Kodi Multimedia Test
    16:09 - Final Thoughts

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  • ¿Que es WINDOWS CORE OS? El sucesor de Windows 10

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    Se sabe muy poco del sucesor de Windows 10, dicho sistema no será para nada como te lo imaginas, y arrastrará con sigo un futuro que está cada vez mas cerca

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