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  • Why the Windows 10 on ARM haters are all wrong

    Lots of supposed PC fans are moaning about Windows 10 on ARM. While a Snapdragon-based PC may not be for you (which is totally fine) real PC users should want Qualcomm, and Intel, and AMD do succeed as we all will benefit.

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  • Tablet Mode: Windows 10 vs Windows 8

    Which version of Windows had a better tablet experience? Let's compare.

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  • Windows 10: Where Are We Now?

    Windows 10: Where are we now? (and other existential questions) MS delivered the first 19H1 (Redstone 6) test build late last week. Redstone 5 is almost ready for the masses.
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  • Windows 10 Still Bad In 2018?

    A year ago we took a look at Windows 10 to see how it was running and today we are here in 2018 to see how much has changed
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  • Quick look review Windows 10 insider preview build 17728 Redstone 5 August 1st 2018

    Looking at the latest redstone 5 build with Your Phone app
  • Quick look and review of Windows 10 insider preview build 17733 Redstone 5 1809 version August 8th

    Looking at the latest build of Redstone 5 version 1809 Windows 10
  • Windows 10 April 2018 Update Review

    I tested the Windows 10 April 2018 Update for a couple of months during the preview phase and installed it on my Dell laptop the day it became available.

    Here is my detailed review of this newest iteration of the operating system called Windows 10 April Update.

    Fluent Design 00:29
    Timeline 01:25
    Cortana 02:13
    Microsoft Edge 04:22
    Progressive Web Apps 06:15
    Nearby Share 07:05
    Focus Assist 08:15
    Gaming 09:10
    Privacy 09:50
    Other Enhancements 10:25
  • Microsoft Surface Go Review - $400 Entry Level Surface Windows 10 Tablet

    Buy it at Microsoft - (affiliate link) - Microsoft's new low cost Surface Go Windows 10 tablet corrects a lot of what I thought was wrong with their prior entry level Surface 3 tablet. It offers great performance and an excellent overall build quality. See more tablets: and subscribe!

    00:22 - Price and Configuration
    01:03 - Hardware Overview
    01:19 - Thick Bezels
    01:55 - Kickstand
    02:17 - Surface Pen and Keyboard
    03:40 - Processor
    03:58 - Storage and RAM
    04:22 - Display
    05:10 - Weight
    05:33 - Battery Life
    06:12 - Ports
    06:23 - Full-Service USB Type C
    07:00 - Magnetic Surface Charger
    07:38 - MicroSD Card Slot for Expansion
    08:01 - Front-Facing Stereo Speakers
    08:34 - Performance: Photoshop & pen support
    09:29 - Apple Pencil Experience Better than Surface Pen
    09:52 - Performance: Video Editing
    10:29 - Performance: Word and Excel
    10:55 - On-Screen Keyboard Options
    12:23 - Benchmarks: Speedometer
    13:08 - Gaming: Rocket League
    13:23 - Gaming: Minecraft
    13:35 - Gaming: Half Life 2
    13:44 - Gaming: Fortnite
    14:09 - Gaming: Dolphin GameCube Emulation
    14:54 - Benchmarks: 3DMark Cloudgate
    15:25 - Benchmarks: 3DMark Stress Test
    15:46 - Kodi Multimedia Test
    16:09 - Final Thoughts

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  • How to (re)install Windows 10 Pro on system with embedded Home key in the UEFI

    Let's say you have an OEM computer that shipped with Windows 8 Core or Windows 10 Home, and you have a Windows 10 Pro license (Product Key or Digital License). When you load in your Windows 10 DVD or USB stick, in many cases, Windows Setup will auto-select Windows 10 Home because of the product key embedded in the system UEFI (you are never asked for a product key). Here's a workaround to force the installer to ignore the UEFI product key and install Pro instead. It involves typing in a Pro product key (the default key is used in the video) into a text document as follows...

    Value=insert key here with dashes

    Save the file as PID.txt

    Paste it into the Sources folder of the installation USB stick.

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  • Hands on with Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build 17751

    Welcome to my hands on look at the latest Windows 10 Redstone 5 release: 17751. This build sees the removal of the water mark and a lot of bug fixes. There are only three known issues as you will see in the video.
    You can read the full release notes on my previous blog post.
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