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  • H1Z1 en ANDROID y IOS 🔥 H1Z1 Battle Royale 2018 | Gameplay en Español

    H1Z1 en android y IOS. Espero que os haya gustado este vídeo. No olvides suscribirte y darle like si quieres más vídeos como este 😁


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    Juego como quiero y al ritmo que quiero, no pretendo ser un pro, solo pretendo divertirme. Si te pones nervioso o no disfrutas mis vídeos te aconsejo que no los veas. Hay miles de canales con contenido gaming y seguro que encuentras el tuyo.

    Subo los vídeos que me apetecen y cuando quiero, es mi canal y yo decido qué juegos o que partidas subo.

    Agradezco siempre los consejos y los debates en los comentarios, es genial poder crear una comunidad así. Eso si, siempre desde el respeto, cualquier comentario despectivo hacía mi, otro youtuber, o otra persona que ha comentado será borrado y bloqueado.

    Y por último quiero agradeceros a todos los que dedicáis parte de vuestro tiempo a pasar un rato agradable conmigo. Gracias por hacerme feliz y por ayudarme a cumplir mi sueño.

  • FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 340+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!

    If you would like to support the stream, donate here to show up on screen: every donation is greatly appreciated!

    If you guys had fun during tonight's livestream, be sure to drop a like, show that live chat/comment section some love, and if you are new to my channel, subscribe, and I will see you all in the next one!

    1) How do I record / stream?
    - I use the elgato HD 60 to capture gameplay and audio and I use the program OBS to create my overlay and broadcast what my elgato is capturing straight to YouTube.

    2) What device am I using?
    - The iPad Pro 10.5" and the iPad 2017 as a backup device.

    3) Do I play with a controller / mouse and keyboard?
    - I play "claw" on my iPad where I use four fingers to control my screen, my left index finger uses the shoot button while my right index finger switches between guns and builds that I want to use. My right index also uses the jump and crouch button and flips ramps / uses the edit button. My right thumb looks around the screen and is used to open chest / loot / or edit walls and my left thumb uses the joystick.

    4) What sensitivity do I use?
    - Touch: 0.40, Touch ADS: 0.40, Touch Scope: 0.80, Vertical: 1.00

    5) How long have I played Fortnite on mobile?
    - Ever since it was released I was playing Fortnite on mobile.

    6) Why not play Fortnite on PC or Console?
    - There are already a ton of pro players that are known on Console and PC, I did not want to take the time to "get good" on those platforms when mobile is like second nature to me. My entire channel is based around mobile games so why move over to another platform. Im here to grow the mobile community as much as I can and I hope you guys stick with me through it!

    7) How old am I?
    - 19 years young.

    8) What region do I play on?
    - NA East.

    Social Media:

    Instagram: @SSNSANTA
  • iOS 12 Jailbreak Update: NEW Kernel Exploit, 11.4.1 Jailbreak Status, Sileo | JBU 63

    iOS 12 Jailbreak Update: NEW iOS 12 Kernel Exploit Shown, iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak Status, Sileo | JBU 63

    Welcome back to the 63rd jailbreak update video! In this one, we discuss a new kernel exploit for iOS 12 that was shown on video, iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak possibilities, Sileo, a new JBme-style jailbreak & more!

    JBme for iOS 10.x:

    Jailbreak Update Episode 62:
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    ▶ 17 BEST Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life:

    ▶ iOS 11.2 - 11.2.5 Jailbreak: Is It Coming?:

    ▶ How to Install Jailbreak TWEAKS iOS 11 - 11.1.2:

    ▶ New iOS 11 - 11.1.2 Jailbreak LiberiOS Released!:

    ▶ 17 STUNNING Jailbreak Themes:

    ▶ Silver YouTube PLAY BUTTON Unboxing + Reaction:

    ▶ LOADED 2017 iMac 27" 5K Unboxing & Review:

    ▶ Apple AirPods Review (3 Months Later):

    ▶ 9-Year iPhone User Switches to Android: Disappointment?:

    ▶ How to fix BOOTLOOP/re-jailbreak issues without restoring:

    ▶ How to UNJAILBREAK without restoring or updating:

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    #iOS12Jailbreak #Jailbreak #JailbreakUpdate

    Te ayudo a prepararte para la salida de ios 12 este septiembre con unos consejos muy basicos pero útiles para cuando actualices, espero que te sirva!



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    С вами Гудман и в этом видео посмотрим 10 крутых игр для андроид и ios в которые можно играть без интернета и wifi.
    Приятного просмотра!
    #Android #offline #top10
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    10 Aquavias 43 МБ

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    8 Table Top Racing 130 МБ
    Android :
    iOS :

    7 Candy Patrol 101 МБ

    6 Ultimate Driving Simulator 100 МБ

    5 Exiled Kingdoms RPG 104 МБ

    4 Farm Guns: New Alien Clash 53 МБ

    3 CatFish 31 МБ

    2 Faily Brakes 93 МБ

    1 Dawn Break -Origin- 508 МБ
  • 📱ВО ЧТО ПОИГРАТЬ? НОВЫЕ ИГРЫ на АНДРОИД и iOS: ТОП 6 Лучшие игры недели от Кината №67

    Knights of Fury, Arena of survivors и другие новые игры. ТОП Лучшие игры на Андроид и iOS за неделю. ТОП лучших и самых интересных мобильных игр на android и ios. Новые игры на iOS и Андроид скачать бесплатно.
    📱 - Подписаться на наш второй канал (стримы, подарки, розыгрыши, обзоры)
    ► ► Сейчас играю в эту игру -
    Лучшие Андроид и iOS игры, скачать игры бесплатно:
    🎮 Генералы: военные хроники -
    🎮 Angry Gun -
    🎮 Knights of Fury -
    🎮 Dragon Shadow Warriors -
    🎮 Arena of survivors -
    🎮 Birdie Crush -
    🎮 Deepworld -

    Прошлый выпуск: 📱ВО ЧТО ПОИГРАТЬ? НОВЫЕ ИГРЫ на АНДРОИД и iOS: ТОП 7 Лучшие игры недели от Кината №66 -

    #во_что_поиграть_на_андроид #лучшие_игры_на_андроид #лучшие_игры_на_ios #игры_на_андроид #игры_на_андроид_2018 #пубг #лучшие_игры_на_андроид #онлайн_игры_на_андроид #новые_игры_на_андроид #ожидаемые_игры_на_андроид #игры_на_iOS #топ_онлайн_игр_на_андроид #kinat #выживание

    Мой ВК:
  • iOS 12 contre iOS 11: comparaison des performances

    Vidéo extraite de notre livre sur iOS 12, en précommande pour 4,99 € :

    iOS 12 est censé améliorer les performances, surtout sur les appareils iOS les plus anciens. Nous avons fait le test avec deux iPhone 6 Plus, l'un sous la dernière version d'iOS 11, l'autre avec la bêta 9 d'iOS 12.

    Pour le démarrage, nous avons utilisé un iPhone X avec cette app :

    Musique : « Downton » de Bensound
  • iOS 11 - The Final Review - Updates, Problems and more

    iOS 12 is only a week away, but iOS 11 brought with it many changes and features and also a lot of problems. I take a look back at what iOS 11 gave us and also go through your experience based off the YouTube Community poll that I ran a few days ago.

    📷 CAMERA:
    Panasonic GH5:
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    How To Install iOS 12 Betas:
    How to Downgrade iOS 12 back to iOS 11:

    Gear I used to make this video:

    iOS 12 - Prepare to Update Guide:
    iOS 12 - Gold Master Date, Updating to the final and more:
    iOS 11 Beta 1 is Out! - What's New?:

    iOS 11.1 is Out! - What’s New?:

    iOS 11.2 is Out! - What’s New?:

    iOS 11.3 is Out! - What’s New?:

    iOS 11.4 is Out! - What’s New?:

    iOS 11.4.1 is Out - What’s New?:

    Wallpaper on Imgur :
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    Outro Music: “Halos” by Yung Logos - Available in the YouTube Create Audio Library

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  • Làm gì trước khi lên iOS 12 chính thức?

    Tham khảo #iPhone 5s| 6 | 6 Plus | 6s | 6s Plus | 7 | 7 Plus | 8 | 8 Plus | X #Giá_rẻ tại #CellphoneS:
    iOS 12 chính thức ra mắt đêm 12/09 dành cho iPhone 5s| 6 | 6 Plus | 6s | 6s Plus | 7 | 7 Plus | 8 | 8 Plus | X. Thời điểm hiện tại người dùng cần làm gì trước khi cập nhật lên iOS 12 chính thức? Hãy cùng XStudio tìm câu trả lời nhé!
    ios 12
    đánh giá ios 12
    ios 12 có gì mới
    có nên cập nhật ios 12
    ios 12 speed test
    review ios 12
    danh gia ios 12 tren iphone
    iOS 12 trên iPhone 5s | 6 | 6plus | 7 | 7 Plus | 8 | 8 Plus| X
    ios 12 what news
    có nên lên ios 12
    cách cập nhật ios 12
    hướng dẫn cập nhật ios 12
    hạ cấp ios 12
    có nên update ios 12
    cập nhật ios 12
    update ios 12
    ios 12 vs ios 11
    iphone lock có nên iOS 12
    iphone 5s ios 12
    ios 12 beta
    - Tham khảo mua sắm điện thoại giá rẻ tại Maxmobile hoặc Đặt hàng #Maxmobile trên Shopee giá rẻ, miễn phí vận chuyển, đổi trả miễn phí 7 ngày , Quản lý đơn hàng chuyên nghiêp:
    - X Studios – tổ hợp thông tin, giải trí, quảng bá tốt nhất, đáng tin cậy, chất lượng
    - Quảng bá: X Studios sẽ hướng đến hợp tác quảng bá với nhiều ưu đãi
    Giao lưu với X Studios trên Facebook:
  • Sileo REPLACES Cydia! Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 - 11.4.1 & iOS 12 (COMING SOON)

    Sileo Jailbreak iOS 11.4.1-11.3.1 Cydia Replacement NEWS! iOS 12 Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 & 11.4.1 Details HERE: 👈

    Coolstar and the Electra team are making process on Sileo, a complete Jailbreak package installer replacement for Cydia. Sileo should work on the iOS 11.3.1 - 11.4 Jailbreak, as well as further iOS 12 Jailbreaks.


    ▶︎ iOS 12 Jailbreak Update:
    ▶︎ Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 with Multipath:
    ▶︎ Jailbreak iOS 11.4 beta:

    11.4.x Updates:
    ▶︎ Jailbreak Update pt. 1:
    ▶︎ Jailbreak Update pt. 2:

    Top Tweaks:
    ▶︎ Tweak in this video + others:
    ▶︎ Top NEWEST Cydia Tweaks:

    ** YouTube: Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA. Discussing iOS Updates is LEGAL. **

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    #Sileo #Jailbreak #iOS1131
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