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  • iOS 12 is FAST! iOS 12 Speed Test on ALL iPhones

    Ultimate iOS 12 Speed Test vs iOS 11! Startup, App Launching, Benchmarks on iPhone X, 8, 7, 6s, 6, SE & 5s! iOS 12 is Fast!

    iOS 12 Top Features:
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  • iPHONE 6: iOS 12 BETA 11 Vs iOS 11.4.1! (Speed Test) (Review)


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    iOS 12 beta 11 just got released so lets see how it compares to iOS 11.4.1 on your iPhone!

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  • iOS 11 - The Final Review - Updates, Problems and more

    iOS 12 is only a week away, but iOS 11 brought with it many changes and features and also a lot of problems. I take a look back at what iOS 11 gave us and also go through your experience based off the YouTube Community poll that I ran a few days ago.

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    iOS 11 Beta 1 is Out! - What's New?:

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    iOS 11.4.1 is Out - What’s New?:

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  • iOS 11.4.1 vs iOS 12.0: Final Speed Test!

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    Is iOS 12 faster than iOS 11? In this speed test we compare first party and third party app launch times and more. From my testing, it looks like this year's iOS update will make your device just a little bit quicker.

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  • Apple iOS 12: Overview

    A walkthrough of what's new in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad with a side-by-side comparison to iOS 11.

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  • iOS 12 Speed Tests - Should you UPGRADE? iPhone 6 vs. 6s vs. 7 vs. 8 vs. X

    So iOS 12 is out. Did you download it yet? The question that I always have when it comes to new iOS updates is: How much slower will my old devices become? Now I’ve been keeping at least one phone from each generation to answer this question and I’ll be honest with you, it’s getting harder to answer the question of: will new OS’s slow things down.

    Now with iOS 12, Apple has made some pretty bold claims which include 70% faster swipe for camera, 50% for keyboard display and 2x faster app launch. These numbers all look impressive until you realize there’s a footnote for every one of those claims. If you scroll all the way down and read the note, you’ll see that does claims are for an iPhone 6 Plus.

    For this video I did the speed tests between an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPHone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Every iPhone I used had a decent battery with the worst device having an 89% battery life which was the iPhone 6s. It still registered as having peak performance capability.

    00:03:09 - Boot Times

    With the boot times, every device running iOS 12 booted faster than iOS 11 which is a good thing. Oddly enough, the boot time for the iPhone 6 Plus was 26 seconds in iOS10 which was two seconds faster than the same device running iOS 11.

    Nothing surprising here as this was expected in my opinion.

    00:03:33 - Camera

    Now this was the hardest thing to test for, the most confusing one and definitely the most eye straining. I basically went through all my recorded footage and measured the time it took for the lock screen to disappear to the time the image appeared in focus as the load time.

    With this part, Apple claims that there might be an improvement of 70% when it come to camera swiping. If you’re running an iPhone 6 Plus. So it would make sense that you would have less of an improvement if you were using a newer device.

    Now with the iPhone 6 Plus, the device recorded a 1/3 second improvement going from iOS 11 and iOS 12. Which is about a 50% improvement which isn’t too bad.

    00:05:00 - Keyboard Load Time

    To get the results in the video, I basically recorded the times when my finger pressed something in Safari to activate the keyboard to when the keyboard stopped moving.

    And like the Camera, my results were inconclusive. My really old devices seemed bring the keyboard up quicker in iOS 12 then iOS 11 and the newer devices were the complete opposite.

    00:07:02 - App Load Times

    For these tests, I used 4 apps. The first was Flipboard, my goto news reader, next was FilMic Pro which is my goto filming app for these videos, next was Escapists, a game I think I’ve paid money for but have never played and Plague Inc, which is a great game to play while doing #2.

    Now the general trend is that apps in iOS 12 opened faster than iOS 11 with newer devices being faster. That’s the general trend.

    Regardless, the biggest jump in performance between all the iPhone for the apps was the iPhone 6 Plus, my oldest iPhone. Which is a great thing for people who want to keep their old device around a little longer.

    Multiple App Load Times or Multi-tasking.

    Now the point of doing all the individual app timings wasn’t to see if iOS 12 was going to be faster, that was a nice side outcome. What I was hoping to do was to see if I could see the “2x faster app launch which occurs under a load”. So I measure the time it took to open Flipboard, FilmicPro and Plague Inc.

    When strung together, my iPhone 6 Plus saw a tiny improvement, my iPhone 7 saw the biggest improvement for some odd reason and my iPhone X was a tad slower when looking at the times between iOS 11 and iOS12.

    Now the neatest thing shows up when I compare the same chart with the iOS 11 data. The gap between successive app openings and the summed individual times is much larger in iOS11. Now is it 2x as fast? I can’t say but it is faster. Regardless, the overall performance in iOS12 is going to be better across all devices.

    And I think this graph is going to be the most indicative of how much better iOS 12 is over iOS 11. Will apps launch 2x faster? Probably not but you’ll be saving around 2 seconds every time you’re doing some heavy multi-tasking which could add up over a long, long, long time.

    What device is going to get the most Mileage with iOS 12?

    Check out the end of the video to find out@
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    Ultimate iOS 11 vs iOS 12 Speed Test Comparison! iOS 11 Faster vs 12? internet speed test, App Launching, geekbench scores on iphone X.

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  • iOS 12 review: an update that will make your iPhone faster

    iOS 12 is here and if you have an iPhone or iPad, you’re probably wondering, ‘Should I install the update or will it slow down my phone?’ While it may not be the flashiest update ever, it’s a solid improvement on the buggy iOS 11 with faster performance and much needed stability. Plus, the addition of new features like Screen Time, Memoji, ARKit 2, and Siri Shortcuts add even more ways to interact with your device.


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  • iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6..

    How iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6.. (iPhone 6 iOS 12 Review)

    I've been using my iPhone 6 on iOS 12 since it was released last week, and here is my review/experience with it.

    I go over performance, battery life & more. The iPhone 6 in 2018 is still a usable phone, however there are better options if you're looking to upgrade (like the iPhone 7/7 Plus).

    Siri Shortcuts Tutorial:
    Save Battery Life on iOS 12 (20+ Tips):
    iOS 12 Final Review:
    iPhone 6 vs iPhone XS SPEED Test:

    Do you have iOS 12 on your iPhone 6? How's it performing for you?

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