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  • Speed Test : iPhone 6 - iOS 12 Beta 12 vs iOS 11.4.1 (iOS 12 Public Beta 10 Build 16A5366a)

    So iOS 12 Beta 11 was released this Monday, as I was travelling I did not have time to do those videos until today. While I was shooting them today iOS 12 Beta 12 dropped. So only
    thing to do was to scratch / reset and start over with iOS 12 Beta 12.
    What is new in iOS 12 Beta 12 is too early to say, however that annoying Update to iOS 12 reminder seems to be fixed. But surely there is more under the hood.
    So lets do the testing and see if anything has improved in terms of performance.

    Remember to subscribe, studies show that subscribers iPhones are
    faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.


    iPhone 6 performs much like the 5S, it is a tad bit faster in performance, however iOS 12 does it much good. Faster boot times, and faster benchmark tests. Still some apps seem to be slower, but for the 3rd party apps, they most likely still need to be tweaked to run on iOS 12.


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  • iOS 12 Beta 12 - Whats new?

    Apple released iOS 12 Beta 12 to developers and also iOS 12 Beta 10 to public beta testers. Both are the same and were released to address a very annoying pop-up telling us to update to iOS 12. I show you what’s new, run a geekbench, show Fortnite and Minecraft on older devices, talk about performance and more.

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