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  • iOS 12 Announced! Everything You Need To Know!

    NEW iOS 12 Revealed With Faster Speed, Grouped Notifications, Smarter Siri & So Much More! + WatchOS 5, macOS Mojave & WWDC 2018 Recap. Everything You Need To Know!

    Install iOS 12 Beta 1 HERE:
  • iOS 12 Beta 11 / Public Beta 9 Released

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  • iOS 12 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?

    Final & Ultimate iOS 12 Review. Finally Released, Should You Update? New Features, Speed, Hidden Features & More Before Updating!

    iOS 12 vs 11 Speed Test:

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    In today's video, we're discussing the latest updates to the #Unc0ver #Jailbreak for #iOS 12 which are very important if you are using this jailbreak on your device. Following the initial release, developers Pwn20wnd and Sam Bingner have published a number of updates to the Unc0ver which should fix quite a lot of the errors commonly appearing on Unc0ver for those of you running iOS 12. Also, there were major issues and errors people were having while installing tweaks. All of which have been addressed by 0ptimo, the BigBoss repo maintainer.

    As some of you are probably aware, there were some major issues yesterday regarding tweak installation where Tweaks would fail to start to install because their dependencies like ColorPicker and PreferenceLoader were missing and therefore shown by #Cydia in red. The issues were caused by the downtime on BigBoss repo. Due to the large traffic following the Jailbreak release, the BigBoss repo failed and therefore many of the dependencies were no longer available. The developer behind it, 0ptimo, has fixed today the issue and tweak installation should once again be possible.

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