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  • Top 12 iOS 12 Features! What's New Review

    Top 12 iOS 12 Features! BEST Changes & Hidden Features. Grouped Notifications, All New Apps, iPad Gestures Revamp, Animojis Review.

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  • Best New Features in iOS 12! (And Hidden iOS 12 Features)

    Find out the best NEW CHANGES and HIDDEN FEATURES in iOS 12!

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    There are plenty of new features in iOS 12 to talk about, both major and minor. Here I talk about the ones I think are the coolest, no matter how small. These new iOS features include group facetime, Siri Shortcuts, the ability to use 3rd party password managers, and more. There are also time and battery management features, and some hidden features that you might not have heard about. Apple really did a great job with this new iOS version.

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