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  • iOS 12 is FAST! iOS 12 Speed Test on ALL iPhones

    Ultimate iOS 12 Speed Test vs iOS 11! Startup, App Launching, Benchmarks on iPhone X, 8, 7, 6s, 6, SE & 5s! iOS 12 is Fast!

    iOS 12 Top Features:
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  • iOS 11.4.1 vs iOS 12.0: Final Speed Test!

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    Is iOS 12 faster than iOS 11? In this speed test we compare first party and third party app launch times and more. From my testing, it looks like this year's iOS update will make your device just a little bit quicker.

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  • iOS 12 vs 11.4.1 FINAL Speed Test! Actually 2x Faster??

    Ultimate iOS 12 vs iOS 11 Speed Test Comparison! iOS 12 vs 11.4.1 Faster? Startup, App Launching, Benchmarks on ALL iPhones.

    iOS 12 FULL Review:
  • How to speed up iOS 12! (iPhone, iPad, & iPod!)

    iOS 12 brought a lot of performance improvements, but on older devices it can still feel a little bit slow. So let's go over some quick methods to speed things up on your iPhone, iPad or iPod!
    iOS 12- one month later:

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