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  • iOS 12 Announced! Everything You Need To Know!

    NEW iOS 12 Revealed With Faster Speed, Grouped Notifications, Smarter Siri & So Much More! + WatchOS 5, macOS Mojave & WWDC 2018 Recap. Everything You Need To Know!

    Install iOS 12 Beta 1 HERE:
  • iOS Concept - iOS 13

    iOS 13 Concept by Jacob Rendina


    The evolution continues with iOS 13. Add notes to the home screen, explore the dark side with Dark Mode, check notifications at a glance and do a whole lot more with the next generation of iOS. With new ways to get things done, protect your data and share your device, iOS 13 puts the power of productivity in your hands. It’s iOS, evolved.


    - All animations are my own (with exception of ink/water effect, credit below)
    - I do not own images of iPad or iPhone


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    Finally the day has come! This video has been in the works for quite a few months now, and has been in my mind for even longer. I really tried to push myself with the quality of this concept and I’m ecstatic with the end result. Thank you to everyone who decided to subscribe and stick around since iOS Aerial (I know it’s been a long wait…) but it really does mean a lot to me so thank you.

    I hope to showcase other styles of animation on this channel soon too… so stay tuned for that!


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  • iOS 12 Final Release Date and more

    I let you know when we believe iOS 12 will be released to the public. I also talk about th Gold Master, Safari Privacy, iPhone XS and more.

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    iOS 11 GM - What's New?:

    iOS 11 - Everything New:

    iOS 12 Series:
    iOS 12 Beta 12 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 11 What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 10 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 9 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 8 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 7 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 6 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 5 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 4 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 3 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 2 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 Beta 1 - What’s New? -

    iOS 12 - Hidden Features You May Not Know -

    macOS Mojave Beta - What’s New? -

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  • iOS 12 GM Version Released!

    Apple released the GM version of iOS 12 today which is the closest version developers will have to the official release. Today we are checking out the GM version and the performance that we’ll see with this update.

    Apple Public Beta Program:
    Join the iOS 12 Beta Forum!

    Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I'll see you, in the next video :)
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  • iOS 12 正式版体验:为什么你一定要升级。


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  • Die letzten Infos vor dem Update auf iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave und tvOS 12

    Die nächsten großen Softwareupdates für iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac und Apple TV erscheinen bald.
    In diesem Video zeige ich euch alles was ihr vor dem Update noch wissen müsst.

    Viel Spaß!

    17. September - iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12
    24. September - macOS Mojave
  • Why Apple Doesn't let other companies use iOS?

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    Apple's iOS is exclusive, but why not sell it to other OEMs too?

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  • Why iOS is not free like Android?

    Why doesn't apple let other companies use their iOS? Why is iOS only limited to apple? Why can't others use iOS on their devices? Why is not free like Android? To know these answers watch the video till the end.

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  • MacOS 모하비 주요기능 | 요약하면 MacOS가 iOS를 품다? (폰품맥)

    제가 꼽은 주요기능 10가지입니다! 목차와 영상시간링크 같이 남겨둘게요 :)

    (0:33) 1. Dark Mode
    (1:15) 2. Dynamic Desktop
    (2:00) 3. Stacks
    (3:00) 4. Gallery View
    (3:49) 5. Quick Look
    (4:45) 6. New Screen Shot
    (5:41) 7. Continuity Camera
    (6:23) 8. Home App
    (6:56) 9. Mac App Store
    (7:46) 10. Safari Favicon

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  • Vor dem Event: Apple baut um, iPad mini 5, iOS 12.2 Public Beta 2 | youmac

    APPLE NEWS: Bei Apple dreht sich das Personalkarussell, die 2. Public Beta von iOS 12.2 wurde veröffentlicht, Rätselraten um das iPad 2019 und iPad mini 5 - wird alles rechtzeitig fertig zum Apple Event im Frühjahr? ► YOUMAC ABONNIEREN:

    #youmac #iPadmini5 #AppleEvent

    ► AUF YOUMAC ANSEHEN: iOS 13 Dark Mode bestätigt & iPhone 2019/20 Vorschau

    ► DIESES VIDEO TEILEN: Vor dem Event: Vor dem Event: Apple baut um, iPad mini 5, iOS 12.2 Public Beta 2

    // Y O U M A C P R O G R A M M

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