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  • iOS 12 public beta: First Look

    Apple's preview of what iOS 12 can bring is here, if you're OK with installing a beta.

    iOS 12 public beta is here: What's cool so far, and what's missing:

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  • iOS 12: Funciones secretas que debes conocer

    El nuevo sistema operativo de Apple para el iPhone tiene muchas novedades que no se conocen abiertamente. Te contamos algunas de ellas relacionadas con los Animojis, la cámara o tus contraseñas. Probamos estas funciones en la versión beta de iOS 12.

    Ante la inminente llegada de iOS 12, Apple destaca sus bondades en iOS 11:
    iOS 12 adelanta un modo apaisado para el iPhone X Plus:
    iOS 12 llegará sin una de sus funciones estrella: Facetime grupal:
    iOS 12 vs. Android 9.0 Pie: ¿Cuál es el mejor sistema operativo?:
    iOS 12 vs. Android 9.0 Pie: 7 novedades que Apple le copió a Google y Android:
    El enorme iPhone X Plus, confirmado por beta de iOS 12: reporte:
    iOS 12 da indicios de un iPad Pro con esquinas curvas:
    El nuevo iPad es confirmado por iOS 12: biseles delgados y sin notch:

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  • History of iOS

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    iOS was introduced with the original iPhone over a decade ago, and has since become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. But there are some things about the operating system that you may not know, like the fact that Apple initially developed it for the iPad, not the iPhone. But since its release in 2007, iOS has not only become one of the most powerful mobile operating systems in the world, but it’s helped reshape the entire tech industry. iOS has transcended the iPhone to become an integral part of multiple apple products, with underpinnings of the operating system present in the Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. And its influence on software in other products like cars, appliances, kiosks, and even vending machines are undeniable. So in this video we’re going to explore the history of iOS and find out why it’s one of the most important operating systems ever made.

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