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  • All of the New Features and Changes to Notifications in iOS 12

    In iOS 12, Apple has introduced new notification features, providing an expanded set of tools for monitoring and managing notifications in quicker and more intuitive ways.

    There have been no changes to the way that Notifications work on the whole, but many of these features make it easier to clear notifications, determine which notifications you want, and make adjustments on the fly.

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  • iOS 12 Beta 1: What You Need To Know

    The iOS 12 Beta 1 Hype Is Unreal! Everything You Need To Know About iOS 12 + WWDC 2018 & What To Expect!

    iOS 12 Wishlist:

    iOS 12 Notifications Concept:
    Avdans iOS 12 Concept:
    Aerial iOS 12 Concept:

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  • iOS Email Programs - iOS Today 410

    iPhone Email Programs Compared
    Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone discuss the features of different email apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch including Gmail, Inbox, AirMail, Outlook, Edison, Hop, Dispach, and more. Plus, all the latest iPhone rumors, new digital well-being features, and reviews of productivity app Omnifocus 3 and the new game Donut County.

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  • Five Useful Siri Shortcuts for iOS 12

    The iOS 12 update brought a major new feature, Siri Shortcuts, which is designed to let you create voice and tap-activated automations that can complete multiple complex tasks in just a few seconds.

    In our latest YouTube video, we've rounded up five Siri Shortcut options that we think most people will find interesting. These are a great place to start if you're new to Shortcuts.

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    shortcuts app video - Hands On with iOS 12's Shortcuts App
  • Exciting iOS 13 Leaks & Rumors! Redesigned Home Screen & More

    iOS 13 beta 1 won't be releasing until June 2019, but there is already a sizable number of leaks and rumors. There will be a a big home screen redesign on all iOS devices, with a number of other features like in-app tabs coming to the iPad only. It's set to already be a bigger update than iOS 12 was!

    Potential iOS 13 emoji via Emojipedia:
    iOS 13 concept:

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  • iOS 13 Hype! 50+ Features Wishlist

    My iOS 13 Features Wishlist. It's time for a redesign, here's 50+ features they could throw in meanwhile. This Was Not Easy To Make!

    AirPods 2 Leaks:
    Galaxy S10 Leaks:

    Full Tweak List:

    1. Full Redesign. It’s about damn time. (Anemone + LotusDark)
    2. Always On Display. (Semperon)
    3. Customizable Lock Screen Control Toggles (Jumper)
    4. Notification Dots Taking advantage of the OLED display. (Notchification)
    5. Auto Unlock iPhone With FaceID. (FastUnlockX)
    6. Good Morning Lockscreen Feature Always.
    7. Lock Screen Complications Like Apple Watch
    8. Animation Speed Sped Up (AnimationsBeFast)
    9. Tap To Wake & iPhone X UI on All Devices. (HomeGesture & SmartTap X)
    10. Rounded UI for Older iPhones (Cardboard)
    11. Rounded Notifications Look
    12. Tweaked UI for Max Devices for more work space, not just blown up interface.
    13. More Rows of Apps on Larger iPhones & iPads. (BetterFiveColumnHomescreen)
    14. Place Icons Anywhere on Homescreen (Gridiculous)
    15. Hide Icon Labels (HideLabels10)
    16. Volume HUD Optimized & Placed Up Top. (Ultrasound
    17. Hide Homebar after break in period for new users, pointless (HideBarX)
    18. Easier Control Center Access on Newer Devices (BottomControlX)
    19. Control Center Toggles Actually Turn Off (RealCC)
    20. Hold Control Center Toggles To Open Relative Settings (CCLinker)
    21. Battery Percentage in Status Bar
    22. Prevent iPhone From Being Turned Off. (BioProtect X)
    23. Charge Sound & Indicator, (PencilChargingIndicator & Malipo)
    24. Turn Off Device With Custom Gesture, Slide bottom left or double tap wallpaper
    25. Dark Mode (Obligatory). Considering macOS has it, I can see it finally happening. (NoctisXI)
    26. Lock Individual Apps. (BioProtect X)
    27. Calls Shouldn’t Hijack Entire Screen. (CallBar X)
    28. Siri Shouldn’t Hijack Entire Screen. (SmallSiri)
    29. Offline Siri For Basic Tasks.
    30. Split View Mode. (Floaty Dock)
    31. Picture in Picture For Videos. (YouPIP)
    32. Skip 15 Seconds on Vide Like Netflix. (TapTap to Skip)
    33. iPad Like Dock Interface. (FloatingDock)
    34. Third Party Default Apps for Internet Browser, Messaging Service, Navigation, etc.. (MapsOpener)
    35. Navigation Picture in Picture Mode.
    36. Entire Camera App Redesign. It’s been too long with same one.
    37. Camera Needs In App Quality Settings (TapVideoConfig)
    38. Flip Camera With Double Tap (TapTapFlip)
    39. Pause Video While Recording. (RecordPause)
    40. Turn Flash on While Recording Video (Record ‘n’ Torch
    41. Google Like ‘Dark Mode’ For Photos (Night Sight)
    42. Colorize Music Player Based on What’s Playing (ColorFlow 4)
    43. Album Art in Control Center when playing music
    44. Scrollable Screenshots
    45. Screenshot Drag & Drop Ability
    46. Swipe Screenshots To Delete. (SSGestures)
    47. Clear App Caches. (CacheClearer or Icon Tool)
    48. More AirPods Gestures. (Siliqua 2)
    49. Rename Bluetooth Devices (Bluetooth Devices Renamer)
    50. Slide to delete contacts like everywhere else (Delete Contact)
    51. Messages App Should Be Blue Now, SMS isn’t standard anymore
    52. Fix Messages Photo Search, its super annoying right now.
    53. Add More Wallpapers of All Types
    54. Wasted Keyboard Space on Recent iPhones (Barmoji, recent Emojis)
    55. Number Row on top of Keyboard (exKey)
    56. Haptic Feedback When Typing Option
    57. CarPlay as standalone Application (CarPlay iOS)
  • iOS 12 Dark Mode In Progress?!

    Inside the Camera app on iOS 12.1.2, 3D Touching on the camera roll enables a never before seen secret dark mode. While the dark UI may very well be a bug/glitch, it could also be a sign of something bigger to come. Do you think Apple will release a dark mode in iOS 12.2 or 12.3?

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  • iOS 13 Wishlist

    iOS 13 should be the first major re-design of iOS since iOS 7 was released years ago. I share my wish list for iOS 13 or whatever it is called. #iOS #iOS13 #apple

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  • iOS 13 Spotted For The First Time + iOS 13 Rumors - My Take

    Devices running iOS 13 have been spotted in the wild!
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  • iOS 13 - Rumored Features & Release Date!

    iOS 13 - Rumored Features & Release Date! | iOS 13 Leaks & Rumors Ep. 1

    iOS 13 is coming in 2019 and in this video, we discuss the iOS 13 release date, rumored features, my personal wishlist, leaks and more!

    iOS 13 Concept videos shown:

    What features are you wanting to see with iOS 13?

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