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  • iOS 12 Announced! Everything You Need To Know!

    NEW iOS 12 Revealed With Faster Speed, Grouped Notifications, Smarter Siri & So Much More! + WatchOS 5, macOS Mojave & WWDC 2018 Recap. Everything You Need To Know!

    Install iOS 12 Beta 1 HERE:
  • iOS 12 Beta 1: What You Need To Know

    The iOS 12 Beta 1 Hype Is Unreal! Everything You Need To Know About iOS 12 + WWDC 2018 & What To Expect!

    iOS 12 Wishlist:

    iOS 12 Notifications Concept:
    Avdans iOS 12 Concept:
    Aerial iOS 12 Concept:

    Stream WWDC Here:
  • iOS Concept - iOS 13

    iOS 13 Concept by Jacob Rendina


    The evolution continues with iOS 13. Add notes to the home screen, explore the dark side with Dark Mode, check notifications at a glance and do a whole lot more with the next generation of iOS. With new ways to get things done, protect your data and share your device, iOS 13 puts the power of productivity in your hands. It’s iOS, evolved.


    - All animations are my own (with exception of ink/water effect, credit below)
    - I do not own images of iPad or iPhone


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    Finally the day has come! This video has been in the works for quite a few months now, and has been in my mind for even longer. I really tried to push myself with the quality of this concept and I’m ecstatic with the end result. Thank you to everyone who decided to subscribe and stick around since iOS Aerial (I know it’s been a long wait…) but it really does mean a lot to me so thank you.

    I hope to showcase other styles of animation on this channel soon too… so stay tuned for that!


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  • Top iOS 12 Features

    Testing out a few of my favorite iOS 12 features!
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  • Exciting iOS 13 Leaks & Rumors! Redesigned Home Screen & More

    iOS 13 beta 1 won't be releasing until June 2019, but there is already a sizable number of leaks and rumors. There will be a a big home screen redesign on all iOS devices, with a number of other features like in-app tabs coming to the iPad only. It's set to already be a bigger update than iOS 12 was!

    Potential iOS 13 emoji via Emojipedia:
    iOS 13 concept:

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  • iOS 13 - Rumored Features & Release Date!

    iOS 13 - Rumored Features & Release Date! | iOS 13 Leaks & Rumors Ep. 1

    iOS 13 is coming in 2019 and in this video, we discuss the iOS 13 release date, rumored features, my personal wishlist, leaks and more!

    iOS 13 Concept videos shown:

    What features are you wanting to see with iOS 13?

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  • iOS 13: UI Redesign Coming?!

    Some sources are suggesting that Apple may refresh the UI for iOS 13, but a major redesign is not yet certain. At the very least there will likely be some aesthetic changes, but the last major OS redesign was nearly six years ago (so a bigger update in 2019 is feasible). Are you ready for a different looking version of iOS?

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  • iOS 13, TODO lo que debes saber

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    iOS 13 es la siguiente versión del sistema operativo móvil de Apple. Previsiblemente será presentado en la próxima WWDC que Apple suele realizar en verano junto a sus desarrolladores cada año. ¿Qué novedades tendrá para nuestros iPhone y iPad?

    #iOS #iOS13 #Apple

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  • iOS 13 Concept

    Introducing iOS 13.
    Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan.

    This video is a concept created for the purposes of visualising how iOS could be changed in a future update.

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  • iOS 13 - What We Know So Far - Dark Mode and More

    iOS 13 will be shown in a few months and the rumors about what features will be in iOS 13 have started. It seems we will be getting a Dark mode for iPhone, some changes to iPad and some devices are losing support for the next version of iOS. #iOS13 #Apple #iphones #darkmode

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