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  • All of the New Features and Changes to Notifications in iOS 12

    In iOS 12, Apple has introduced new notification features, providing an expanded set of tools for monitoring and managing notifications in quicker and more intuitive ways.

    There have been no changes to the way that Notifications work on the whole, but many of these features make it easier to clear notifications, determine which notifications you want, and make adjustments on the fly.

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  • iOS 12 public beta: First Look

    Apple's preview of what iOS 12 can bring is here, if you're OK with installing a beta.

    iOS 12 public beta is here: What's cool so far, and what's missing:

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  • Top 9 Features Coming To iOS In The Fall

    The next version of Apple's iPhone software — iOS 12 — is currently in beta, but we are already able to test out some of the new features coming this fall. Memoji will allow you to create your own Animoji, notifications will finally be grouped by app, and Apple is introducing several features to help you take control of how often you are using your phone.

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    Following is the transcript of the video:

    Narrator: The latest iPhone software will be released this fall, and Apple has already shown off a bunch of really cool new features. Here are the top nine.

    Narrator: Group Notifications. You'll finally be able to group notifications by app. You can interact with them one at a time, or the entire group at once. Goodbye overwhelming home screens.

    Craig Federighi: With a single swipe, you can triage a whole group of notifications away.

    Narrator: AR Measure. Ever find yourself needing to know the exact measurements of something? Your phone will be able to tell you. The new Measure app uses augmented reality to measure real-world objects. It's still too soon to tell how accurate it is, so don't toss your tape measure just yet.

    Memoji. This one is only for the iPhone X, and possibly some unannounced phones coming this September. Apple has taken the Animoji it introduced in iOS 11 and made it possible for users to create their own. They can be controlled and animated with your own face.

    Messages is becoming more social. The messages camera will have filters and other features commonly found on the Instagram and Snapchat cameras, and you'll be able to send stickers via third-party sticker packs.

    Screen Time. Feel like you're on your phone all the time? This new feature will show you how often you look at your phone, and how much time you're spending in each app. There's even a feature called Downtime to lock you out of certain apps.

    Craig Federighi: Screen Time empowers you with both insight and control over how you spend your time.

    Narrator: Do Not Disturb at bedtime. This feature will keep notifications off your lock screen while you sleep. Say goodbye to waking up to a bombardment of news, email, and other notifications.

    More privacy features in Safari. Safari will prevent share, like, and comment widgets from tracking you across the web, meaning sites like Facebook will have a harder time gathering data about you and your browsing habits.

    Craig Federighi: And it will be dramatically more difficult for data companies to uniquely identify your device and track you.

    Narrator: Thesaurus. The "Look up" feature used to only pull up the dictionary. Soon, you'll be able to bring up the Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus. Use your phone to add some new words to your vocabulary.

    Performance enhancements. iOS 12 won't have that many noticeable new features. Instead, it's designed to speed up your phone. Apple is promising things like 40% faster app launches with the new OS, and early beta testers are noticing a difference.

    Apple should reveal the fully developed iOS 12 early September, and will probably make it available to all users later that month.

    Craig Federighi: And this is iOS 12. I hope you like it. And now, when you look at the competition, it's hard to say they really have a software update model.
  • iOS 12 Vs iOS 11.4 INCREDIBLE Battery & Performance


    IMPORTANT iOS 12 settings Apple Didn’t Talk about

    Annoying Things in iOS 12 it Sucks !

    iOS 12 on iPhone 5S GOOD OR BAD ?

    How to install iOS 12 FREE No Computer No Developer Account Required

    iOS 12 Full Walk-through NEW FEATURES & CHANGES

    iOS 11.4 Vs 11.3.1 Battery and Performance iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone 7

    iOS 11.4 Vs iOS 11.3.1 iPhone SE & iPhone 5s

    iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 is out | What’s New ?
  • iOS 12 Beta - Should You Update?

    Today we are talking about the iOS 12 Betas and if they are safe to install onto your daily drivers. We cover performance, battery life, and stability as the three major factors involved in making this decision to update. Also, we present some of the new features that might make you want to test out the new beta as these new features are AWESOME!

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  • iOS 12 Beta 5 and Public Beta 4 - Follow up

    After using iOS 12 Beta 5 for the past 5 days I share my experience with you. I also did a poll on the youtube community page and share what you had to say as well.

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  • iOS 12 Beta 5 Experience! Should You Update?

    So we’ve had the fifth beta of iOS 12 installed onto our iDevices for the past few days now and this is our experience with that beta. Also we go over if it’s safe to install onto your own personal iDevice’s!

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  • iOS 12 Beta Reveals All

    So many leeks its great...

    oh wait, no i means leaks...

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  • Everything New with Notifications in iOS 12 on iPhone & iPad

    In Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 update, notifications are now much better to deal with. There was a multitude of changes from the mundane (new font sizes) to the significant (grouped notifications and Instant Tuning)
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  • Swift News #20 - Fluid Interfaces, iOS Interviews, ARKit, CloudKit & More!

    Swift News is all about curating this week's latest news involving iOS Development. This week I discuss building fluid interfaces, common programming rules, how to get hired as an iOS Dev, App Store Rejections, ARKit, CloudKit and more!

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    App Rejections - 13:20
    Ray Wenderlich - 14:00
    ARKit - 15:29
    CloudKit - 18:06
    LOL - 19:50

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