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Cybersecurity Articles

Computer Security Feature Essays

The Pros and Cons of Deploying Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a crucial component of an organization’s overall security posture.

ChatGPT’s Potential Influence on the Cybersecurity Industry

ChatGPT, the advanced language model developed by OpenAI, has the potential to greatly influence the cybersecurity industry.

The Hidden Dangers for Novice and Experienced Pen Testers

Penetration testing is a critical aspect of cybersecurity. It involves simulating a real-life attack on a company's systems and infrastructure to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

The Biden Administration’s Strategy for a Mandatory Cybersecurity Policy

In September 2021, the Biden Administration released its National Cybersecurity Strategy, outlining its plan to protect American citizens, businesses, and government organizations from cyber attacks.

KnowBe4 Returns to the Private Sector

KnowBe4 is a cybersecurity company founded in 2010 by Stu Sjouwerman, and it offers an integrated platform to help organizations manage their employees' security awareness training and assessment.

Microsoft Outlook Phishing Protection Features

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client that provides users with a variety of features and tools to help protect against phishing attacks and other email-based security threats.

The Pros and Cons of Running Exchange Server On or Off Premises versus Utilizing Microsoft 365

Microsoft Exchange Server is a popular email server used by many organizations for their communication needs.

An Integrated Approach to Cybersecurity Using a Purple Team

Purple teams in cybersecurity are an effective way to improve the security of an organization's information systems.

The Goals of Red Teaming

Red teaming is a method of evaluating the effectiveness of a security system, organization or plan by simulating an attack from an adversary.

How Cryptocurrency Poses a Threat to Cybersecurity

Cryptocurrency, also known as crypto coins or digital currency, has gained popularity in recent years as a decentralized form of currency that operates independently of governments and financial institutions.

Prominent Phishing Attacks that Have Occurred Over the Past Five Years

Phishing attacks have been a prevalent and ongoing problem for the past several years.

The Significance of Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is an essential aspect of network security that involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating the vulnerabilities present in a network.

Key Aspects of Encryption

Encryption is the process of converting plaintext, or readable information, into an unreadable format known as ciphertext.

The First Steps to Take After Being Hit with a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are a growing threat to organizations of all sizes, and it is essential to have a plan in place to deal with them.

Key Components of an Incident Response Plan

An incident response plan is a set of procedures and guidelines that organizations put in place to prepare for and respond to various types of security incidents.

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