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KnowBe4 Launches Security Awareness Coaching

The world's leader in cybersecurity awareness training launches real-time virtual security coach.


Real-time Virtual Security Coaching Hits Cybersecurity Forefront

Security awareness training market leader, Knowbe4, recently launched a new product that is a first of its kind in the cybersecurity industry. Referred to as Security Coach, the online service provides a virtual security awareness training coach for end users who are unaware of their risky behaviors while they are at work on their computers.

From our perspective, this is a truly unique product that can help workers that have had zero security awareness training as well as those have had formal training. We can personally attest that no matter how much SAT you have had, it is easy to fall back into a routine of not checking sources of email and clicking on attachments, particularly if you are very focused at the task at hand.

Anyway, here’s a nifty graph showing just how it can help protect an organization:

  1. The security stack vendors you integrate with your KnowBe4 console will monitor for risky activity on your users’ devices.
  2. Then, alert data is shared with SecurityCoach. SecurityCoach analyzes your detected events and determines which threats provide the best opportunities to coach your users in real time.
  3. When risky user behavior is detected, SecurityCoach automatically sends a real-time SecurityTip notification to that user via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email.
Source: KnowBe4


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