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Could Phishing be Coming to an End?

Tech giants Google, Microsoft and Apple are currently devising a new cybersecurity paradigm that promises to put an end to phishing as we know it. This major innovation in current authentication standards utilizes proven information and communications technology such as Bluetooth, smartphones, and authentication protocols (collectively known as FIDO) to securely interface with computers—and the web.

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Ransomware is now the most pervasive threat to organizations around the world. Essentially, hackers first steal then encrypt data from the victim and demand a ransom in return for the decryption key.


Malware is a contraction or portmanteau of the words "malicious" and "software". It is software that is surreptitiously embedded into operating systems and software applications in order for the hackers to take control and/or cause damage to an organization.

Backdoor Attacks

Backdoor attacks typically arise after the discovery of unauthorized deep entry within a computer network via applications and/or operating systems. The attacks often persist for days or even months before being detected.


Phishing uses the concept of social engineering to trick the victim or end user into acting against their own interests or their employer's best interests. It is now commonplace and a major threat to individuals and organizations worldwide.


Spoofing attacks can occur at different levels within an organization's applications and/or network and can be a chronic persistent threat. Domain spoofing is the most prevalent method of faking or masquerading as a sender of messages.

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Security Breaches Caused by Human Error

Source: World Economic Forum

Breaches Caused by Organizational Insiders 

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Global Cyberattacks that occurred in the U.S.

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InfoSec Market Forecast by 2028

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